Rumor: Next The Division Global Event Goes Live Next Week

The Division Global Event is going to live on January 14, 2019, according to a new rumor. Some recent datamined files revealed that “Strike” is the next Global Event in The Division.

Strike is one of the more interesting Global Events for Ubisoft’s The Division. There are modifiers you can use during this Global Event – Strike, Pre-Emptive Strike, and Tactical Strike.

Strike — Always Active; enemies are going to explode after a delay when killed.

Pre-emptive Strike — Strike behavior but continuously taking damage triller a minor explosion on agents.

Tactical Strike — Pre-emptive strike behavior and enemies are marked with strike explosions. When killed enemies damage remaining enemies. Ally-to-ally explosions damage is greater.

Strike Global Event Playlist

  • Lincoln Tunnel
  • Lexington
  • Time Square
  • Power Plant
  • Stolen Signal

You can grab classified gear sets for your Nomad, D3-FNC, Predator’s Mark, Banshee, Striker, and Dead Eye builds.

However, what you can get your Global Event vendor in The Division is romanized with each event.

Mission Rewards

Normal Missions

150 GE Tokens

200 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus

Hard Missions

225 GE Tokens

300 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus

Challenging missions

750 GE Tokens

875 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus

Legendary missions

1575 GE Tokens

1750 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus

Challenging Incursions

650 GE Tokens

775 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus

Heroic incursions

900 GE Tokens

1075 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus

The strike will end on January 21 and player would than must wait for almost a month for the next global event to start. The Division Outbreak Global event will start on February 18 and will go all the way through to February 25.

Beyond that, The Division will keep getting new Global Events but in March we will see the release of The Division 2. Ubisoft’s focus will shift from The Division to its sequel. Rest assured, the developers will keep rolling out new updates for the first game post The Division 2’s release.

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