Rumor: New Paper Mario Game Coming to Wii U

Fan of Paper? We have some great news for you. It looks like Wii U is about to get New Paper Mario game from Intelligent Systems. Some industry insiders including Emily Rogers, Liam Robertson, and NeoGAF user ShockingAlbert, were prepping to leak some Nintendo and Wii U related.

They wanted us to wait till Monday but now it looks like plans have changed. Emily Rogers took to Twitter and revealed that a new Paper Mario game is in development. Moreover, she revealed that the game is currently being localized and tested.

It goes without saying that Nintendo is yet to confirm a new Paper Mario, so take this news with a grain of salt. The last time we saw Paper Mario was back in April 2015 when it released for Wii U.

Another Mario game is good news for players worried about Nintendo dropping support for Wii U. Although NX is being cooked up behind the curtains, Wii U is still the leading console for the company.

NX will presumably be revealed this year at E3, with a release window of Fall. However, that is just an assumption on our part.

Via: Gamenesia

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