Rumor: Mid-Gen Upgrade for Nintendo Switch Imminent

Nintendo Switch mid-gen upgrade is coming, according to a new rumor. Specs of the new machine aren’t yet finalized but sources say Nintendo plans to improve its display.

It won’t be our traditional mid-gen upgrade so do not expect major upgrades similar to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. It could be closer to what we saw during the transition from Xbox One to Xbox One S. However,  what happens remains to be seen. Nintendo would officially announce specs in the coming weeks if this rumor holds any merit which it should considering the report comes from Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reports that Nintendo is unlikely to use OLED as it may increase development cost. Nintendo aims to release it by Summer of 2019, a Nintendo spokesperson refused to comment.

If we compare it to Sony and Microsoft, both companies made significant improvements to their mid-gen console upgrades. Meanwhile, the base models received general tweaks and improvements with each new series. PS4 CUH-72XX dealt with fan noise which was a minor issue.

Regardless, it can be considered an upgrade.

Nintendo Switch, on the other, isn’t expected to transition into a completely new device. We would probably see minor upgrades, a new series possibly.

Nintendo Switch has sold over 20 million units worldwide and is quickly becoming one of the most successful Nintendo machines. It is a worthy successor to 3DS but what the future holds for 3DS? Well, critics believe the new Switch upgrade would determine the future of 3DS. How far Nintendo goes with the new model would impact 3DS a great deal.

The new machine will help maintain the sales momentum, critics believe. Nintendo isn’t known for following trends but releasing a mid-gen upgrade could actually be a smart move

Source: WSJ

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