Rumor: Microsoft To Possibly Acquire EA, PUBG, And Even Valve

Polygon broke the news that Microsoft may be in the mode to acquire Electronic Arts with some other rummers suggesting of PUBG and Valve as well. With that said MS is also planning to expand its game division.

There have been some rather ludicrous rumors floating around about Microsoft (MS) trying to acquire Electronic Arts. Well, they may not be wrong to some extent.

A recent report published by Polygon claims to have an authentic source close to Microsoft that talks about the company acquiring Electronic Arts in near future. In order to expand their gaming division.

The report also talks about PUBG and even Valve Corporation being acquired by Microsoft. If this turns out to be the case then it would mean a huge change for not only the company itself but for the gaming industry as well.

If you are thinking that there is no way Microsoft will be able to afford EA, then think again. Such type of deals are not something that could happen overnight but however, there is a huge plausibility keeping these two companies in perspective.

If you remember Minecraft which was one of the most popular games got purchased back in 2014 by MS for about $2.5 billion. Although EA has a current value at about $35 billion which is not a small sum yet MS has the financial capability to acquire it and make something even better out of it.

It is no wonder that MS is trying to spread its hands. We all know that the company had a mass entertainment focused on to their games division due to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Even the Xbox Chief Phil Spencer has been claiming to expand their first-party development.


There are a lot of moves that MS needs to make with increasing competition and with all these rumors in the air, if they are true, such acquisitions could be something of a game changer for the company.

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