Rumor: Microsoft is Coming With Halo: Genesis At E3 2018

What is Halo: Genesis? Well, at this point it is nothing more than a rumored reboot of the Halo series. According to a leak from 4Chan, Microsoft is planning to reveal a new Halo game at E3 2018. The title is under development and will be called Halo: Genesis.

2015’s Halo 5 was a mediocre entry into the long-running Halo series.  It is unclear if Halo Genesis is going to be a mainstream title that will wash the bad taste of Halo 5 or will it be a spin-off of the main storyline. Hopefully, more will be revealed at E3 2018.

Halo: Genesis isn’t the only game that is rumored to appear at E3 2018. There is a rumored reboot of the Splinter Cell series as well with Michael Ironside returning as Sam Fisher. Michael Ironside returns to the role in the Ghost Recon crossover and if these rumors are true, the crossover isn’t the only thing he came back for.

It seems like 2018 is the year reboots as we have already seen a new God of War, a new Spiderman game is coming, and now we might see Halo and Splinter Cell reboots at E3 2018. The last time we saw Sam was in 2012’s Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Keep in mind that none of this is official information but they are likely to be true. Still, take everything with a grain of salt. E3 2018 is right around the corner so expect more leaks and speculations in the coming weeks. For more on E3 2018, stay tuned.

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