RUMOR: Counter Strike Global Offensive Source 2 Port Incoming?

Before I dig into it, let me tell you that none of this is coming from the official sources – not even the usual sources of leaks – but yes, there is word on the internet that Counter Strike Global Offensive Source 2 Port is in the works and gearing up for release.

The source of the rumor is some guy claiming to have talked with some of the professionals from the ESL One 2015 event in Cologne.

Apparently, the professional Counter Strike Global Offensive team members have been asked for their input into the Source 2 port by Valve Corporation; and some of those guys talked about it.

So the port is supposedly in the works as we speak and the focus of developers is on the structure of the game. As a result issues like hit registration etc. should be fixed when the port is out. Interestingly, they are not focusing on the graphical side of the game that much.

Adding to the claims, the source says that the pros he talked to don’t think fixing hit box issues with Source 1 is possible for the developers.

If all of it is true, this will go live after the next major update of Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Remember that the source of this information is nothing official and we would advise everyone to take it in with the proverbial grain of salt – or maybe more than just a grain.

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