Rumor: 2K Games Brings Us BioShock 3 This Winter, Direct Sequel to BioShock 2

For the longest time, 2K Games has kept its silence on the next BioShock game but that might change soon. Rumor has it that BioShock 3 announcement is coming our way this year by December.

An anonymous source shared details of an internal document from a confidential source inside 2K Games. The document shares plans for the company’s future, plans that include a new BioShock game in the next fiscal year.

According to the leak, BioShock 3 is in a “rather solid and advance state of development.” The internal 2K Games document also mentions the backstory and code of the upcoming BioShock project.

The game was under development as “Parkside” but recently got its official name, “BioShock 3.” The development team wanted to name “Parkside” as BioShock 3 to create a direct sequel to BioShock 2. Many consider BioShock Infinite, BioShock 3.

The story will continue from where it left off in BioShock 2. BioShock 3 is set in London, 1971. The world still not over the effects of the Fall of Rapture. The genetic discoveries of the Plasmids, and of the Adam, brought multiple nations to a new Golden Age.

There is a new protagonist in BioShock, Lucas. He is an orphan of American origins.

Possible BioShock 3 Story Spoilers

A protagonist is a man named Lucas, an orphan of American origins, who worked for a certain period of his life in the head of freight forwarding and supply at the main suppliers of the Ryan Industries, and who now lives for years in London as a an apartment thief. (he finds himself, due to an undercover agent of the Pinkerton agency and after an eventful interweaving of events, accused of being connected to the tragedy of the Rapture fall’s events)

The prologue of the game takes place during another robbery, like so many others, but during the escape, while is hiding inside the clock tower, Lucas will casually meet a young woman, Eleanor Lamb, who will warn him to pay attention to the so-called Gentleman (made on commission from the minds of the biggest and ingenious scientists of Columbia city, minds that today receive numerous orders from the largest and most prestigious companies in the world). These models represent a new type of evolved Big Daddy prototypes, and in London, they are the protectors of the Lady (those charged with recovering as much as possible Adam from those who have abused it). Eleanor will also warn him to stay as far away from the clock tower as possible.

The premise sounds interesting but keeps in mind that this leak is from 4Chan (via Reddit). There is zero credibility to this leak but it is always exciting to discuss the possibilities.

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