Roze Returns As A Pay-To-Win Skin In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone rewards players for their quick reactions but what if they are never given a reason to react in the first place? That forms the cornerstone of a little problem which players are now facing in the game where becoming invisible without cheats has become possible to a certain degree.

Roze is a playable operator who was introduced in Modern Warfare and Warzone as part of the fourth season last year. Her Rook skin bundle clads the character in complete black from head to toe without any colored or reflective textures.

This essentially allows Roze to become difficult to spot by other players provided that she is holed up in a darkened area of the map which there are plenty of in Warzone. It can also be difficult to trace a crosshair on her if she is running across a dark or shadowy background, making her skin a pay-to-win microtransaction as far as the community is concerned.

Roze and her Rook skin have been an issue since release but the issue was watered down over the following months. Following a high-profile Twitch Rivals tournament with $25,000 at stake, the operator and skin have become more popular than ever. Lobbies are now being filled with entire squads of Roze skins and players have taken to online forums to register complains about the pay-to-win cosmetic.

It is highly unlikely that Activision will decide to remove the Rook skin from the game but tournament organizers can consider banning the skin from future events. The recent popularity surge probably has many players fetching their wallets but the skin was sold through the premium battle pass last time and will only become available through a random cycling of the in-game store items.

Call of Duty: Warzone has several operators with a long lineup of skins that provide little advantages based on the environment in question, but nothing that screams unfair. Kreuger for example has a range of ghillie suits at his disposal to merge with woodland areas. Nikto has dark outfits a bit similar to Roze to hide in dimly lit areas.

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