Roundhouse Studios Working on an Unannounced Project Apart from Redfall

According a job listing, it seems like Roundhouse studios is working on an unannounced project apart from Redfall.

Bethesda Softworks’ Roundhouse studios seems to be working on an unannounced title apart from Redfall.

Currently, we know that Bethesda’s Roundhouse Studios is helping Arkane in the development of Redfall. However, as pointed out by the job listing, Roundhouse could also be working on another unannounced project. Since Bethesda’s acquisition of Mircosoft, Redfall and Starfield are the only two major games that we are officially aware of. Bethesda Softworks still have other studios like Machine Games and id Software.

Brad Fawaz has also worked with Humanhead Studios in the past which was then transformed into currently known Roundhouse Studios. They transformed the studio just before Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. As you might already know, Refall has been pushed to first half of 2023 by Microsoft. Since Redfall must be the priority for Roundhouse, we can’t expect to see the “unannounced” game from Roundhouse Studios any time soon.

Since the formation of Roundhouse Studios, the developer hasn’t shipped or announced a solo game yet as they apparently have been helping in other projects. As Humanhead Studios, their last project was Rune 2.

Roundhouse Studios (formerly Humanhead) have developed games like Prey and Blair Witch in the past so if their new game is a survival horror, it won’t be a surprise. Microsoft is expected to launch atleast 5 more exclusives in the first half of 2023. Starfield and Redfall are already confirmed that leaves three more unannounced games. Could Roundhouse Studios “unannounced” game be one of them? Only the time will tell.

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