Roster Balance Can Prevent New Tekken 7 Characters From Coming To Game

One of the main draws of a large number of different fighting games is guest characters, and considering Akuma’s presence in Tekken 7, the possibility of new Tekken 7 characters in DLC has been a question on the minds of many fans, especially when it could bring back beloved favorites in the game.

However, director Katsuhiro Harada has said that it’s not as simple as simply adding the new characters to the game; things like roster balance and the new mechanics also have to be considered across the board, meaning that there’s a lot of work to put even one new character into the Tekken 7 roster. Currently only two new Tekken 7 characters are supposed to be coming as DLC.

According to Harada, the development team still wants to add a bunch of new stuff to Tekken 7, and putting in new characters could work against these sorts of goals. Paid DLC won’t be used to add in new Tekken 7 characters, but will instead be used to add more special content to the game.

The first part of this special content has been the Tekken Bowl mode, which allows you to pick characters and use them in a bowling match. The other bit of DLC isn’t special content, but will be adding another guest character to the game in the form of one of the villains of the Fatal Fury universe, Geese Howard.

Aside from Geese there’s only one other Tekken character set to be released this year, but currently we have no idea of who it’s going to be. If it follows the pattern of Geese, Akuma, and Heihachi Mishima, then it might be the villain of another fighting game franchise. However, we’ll have to wait until the new DLC character is announced to find out.

We might see more new Tekken 7 characters in the future, but once again it’s a matter of game balance.