Rollerdrome Tips

To make your life easier, we’ve prepared this guide for you where we’ll be listing down the best Rollerdrome tips and tricks/

Rollerdrome is an absurdly fast-paced and action-packed game in which you have to perform tricks on your rollerblades while mowing down enemies with your weaponry. The tutorial of Rollerdrome does a decent job of getting you up to speed with the game’s fundamental mechanics, but it doesn’t let you in on the most important tips and tricks that you need to know. You have to find those out for yourself.

Rollerdrome Tips

To make your life easier, we’ve prepared this guide for you where we’ll be listing down the best Rollerdrome tips and tricks you need to know to improve your gameplay.

Learn All the Tricks

In Rollerdrome, tricking and shooting go hand in hand. If you want to reload your weapon in the arena, you’ll have to perform some sick tricks. But the most important reason to perform tricks is the points you gain from them. And the end of the day, points are the name of the game.

Each trick in Rollerdrome has its own point value. A crucial mechanic to understand is that each time you perform a trick; it decreases in value.

If you haven’t performed a trick yet, the text for it will be colored golden. But as you keep performing it, it will lose its color until it becomes grey. This means that you cannot just keep spamming a single trick over and over again.

If you head over to your Tricktionary, you’ll see 27 different tricks. Make sure to learn every single one of them. This will take a lot of time, but it’ll be more than worth it in the end. This will allow you to always know the perfect trick to perform in each scenario; which will end up in you scoring extremely high points.


Perfect the Perfect Dodge

If you want to stay alive in the different stages of Rollerdrome, you need to master the art of dodging. When you press the dodge button right as the attack marker of the enemy becomes white, you will perform a Perfect Dodge.

A Perfect Dodge will allow you to complete evade the enemy’s attack while also giving you a small boost in ammo.

You have the practice the Perfect Dodge over and over again until you’ve completely mastered it. This will allow you to always keep your ammo topped up and also stay safe from the dangers of the Rollerdrome stages.

Pick the Right Weapon

The gunplay in Rollerdrome is just as important in Rollerdrome as the tricking. The game grants players four different guns to choose from, which are Dual Pistols, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and the Z-11 Laser Shot.

There’s one very important mechanic related to the gunplay which you may not be aware of. Each enemy in the game has its own resistance. This means that one type of weapon may be very effective against it, while another type may be completely useless.

So, you need to learn when to use each one of your weapons. Memorize the list below to master the gunplay in Rollerdrome.

  • Dual Pistols can be used against Grunts, Snipers and Polybeams.
  • Shotgun can be used against Warhead.
  • Grenade Launcher can be used against Riot Guard and Mecha Brute.
  • Z-11 Laser Shot can be used against Polybeam, Riot Guard and Stomper.

Finish the Campaign ASAP

Once you’ve finished the campaign of Rollerdrome, you’ll unlock all of the weapons in the game.

An important thing to note is that there’s no actual need to complete every challenge within the campaign during your first playthrough of it. You can simply complete the basic campaign and then return to the challenges with your newly acquired weapons.

Some of these challenges will be almost impossible to finish on your initial playthrough, so it’s a smart idea to just come back to them later on with the new weapons.

Use Barrels Efficiently

While you’re tricking around the different arenas in Rollerdrome, you’ll see a few barrels laying around. If you shoot these barrels, they will blow up, dealing damage to and stunning anyone near them.

Knowing this, you may get overzealous and start shooting barrels every time you see them. But this is the least efficient way to use barrels.

You should save the barrels for when the stronger enemies show up, such as the Riot Guards or Wardens. When there are only the weaker enemies (like the Grunts) present in the battlefield, there’s no need to shoot the barrels.

Always Try to Use Super Reflex Time

“Reflex Time” is the name of a slow-motion, matrix-style effect in Rollerdrome. But Reflex Time isn’t the tool you should be using.

You should always try to use Super Reflex Time instead, which is an enhanced version of Reflex Time. To go into Super Reflex Time, you need to dodge an attack at the very last second (Perfect Dodge), then instantly press your designated Reflex Time key.

If you do so successfully, you will go into the Super Reflex Time mode where time will significantly slow down, your ammo will be replenished and your weapon damage will be increased.

The damage buff from Super Reflex Time will allow you take down Riot Guards with just your Dual Pistols. And since time will be slowed down, you won’t have to worry about taking any damage from them.

So keeping all this mind, you have to always be trying to go into Super Reflex Time. You just have to master the timing of the dodge + Reflex Time button press.

Keep Your Combos Going

Rollerdrome gives you quite a bit of breathing room when it comes to keeping your combos. Unlike in other tricking games, there is no real way to fail a trick in Rollerdrome.

This means that it’s very easy to just keep your combo going. And on top of that, once you stop tricking, the game gives you a fair few seconds where your combo is still active.

Ergo, you don’t immediately lose your combo is you stop tricking. But one thing to keep in mind is that there are rails all over the different arenas in Rollerdrome.

To keep your combo going, you can simply grind across these rails. Though you will eventually hit a point cap so you won’t gain any more points from grinding. So you’ll have to then continue tricking to get more points.

If things go sideaways and you see that your combo is about to expire, you can just pick up one of the five Combo Tokens to save your combo. Make sure to only use these Combo Tokens when you really need them since there are only 5 of them available.

Grunts Are Your Friends

Grunts are the weakest enemies in Rollerdrome. You may think that you should just kill them as soon as they spawn, just for the fun of it. But if you want to improve your gameplay, you can actually use these Grunts strategically to get more points.

Since Grunts aren’t a real threat to you, you can leave them alive while you focus on other enemies.

The Grunts will come into use when you need to continue your combo and/or you’re in need of some HP.

If your combo is about to expire, you can kill a few of them to refresh it. And if you’re low on health, you can use them to heal yourself. You can also use these Grunts as an easy way to enter the Super Reflex Time.

Use Enemy Weapons Against Them

When you’re tricking around the stages of Rollerdrome, you’ll be attacked by all kinds of weapons. This includes homing missiles, mines, flamethrowers etc. But the good news is, that these weapons deal damage to everyone, not just you. This means that you can trick enemies into using their own weapons against them.

So any time you’re being targeted by a homing missile, try to stand behind an enemy right as the missile is about to hit you. If you do so successfully, the missile will hit the enemy instead.

And when a Riot Guard enters the arena, you can trick them into laying their mines around themselves. And once they’ve done so, you can shoot at the mines to blow the Riot Guard up.