Rollerdrome Out for Blood Guide

Right when you decide to start your journey in Rollerdrome, you will see different modes on the very front main...

Right when you decide to start your journey in Rollerdrome, you will see different modes on the very front main screen like Campaign, Out for Blood, Tutorials and Settings. You might have tried to click on Out for Blood only to realize that it is locked. However, don’t worry as in this guide we are going to tell you how to unlock this mode and what are the basic differences between Out for Blood mode and Campaign mode.

How to Unlock Out for Blood in Rollerdrome

Unlocking the Out for Blood mode is quite simpler and straightforward. All you need to do is go to the Campaign mode and start grinding. Getting through the levels is the main objective you should have in mind. The levels are fairly easy and there won’t be a problem in completing them.

You can always see the assist menu if you are stuck at some level and need help. But if you have even a little practice, you would complete all of them in a few hours.

After progressing significantly through the Campaign mode, the notification will show up saying that Out for Blood is now unlocked. That is all you have to do in order to unlock this mode.

What is Different in Out for Blood Mode

Out for Blood is much like New Game+. In Out for Blood mode, you start progressing separately hence you have separate save data in this mode. Moreover, the motto of this mode is not completing challenges or getting through different levels but scoring higher scores are the main objective.

When you start playing in this mode, you’ll start your journey from the very beginning of the game in Matterhorn Area. But the good thing is, that you will have the weapons unlocked from the first step that you have unlocked in campaign mode.


Also, all of the House Players will be there on every map and the damage dealt is also increased 1.5 times. So you would want to pick items that increase health quite often.

The main difference between this mode and Campaign mode is, that in this mode, you can choose any challenge you want instead of completing the previous challenge and unlocking the next one. So players focus on just scoring bigger numbers without getting into the hustle of unlocking challenges.

So we can safely say that the Out for Blood mode is for people that want an extra challenge and try to get to the top of the leaderboard and set high records. You are definitely going to enjoy this mode as the soundtrack is different and amazing. Moreover, the fonts that you will encounter are also bigger and more beautiful.

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