Rollerdrome Combos Guide

This guide will provide information on keeping the combo going in Rollerdrome and how combos work in the game.

In Rollerdrome, maintaining a combo is essential. You can maintain your combo by performing tricks, chaining combo, and massacring your foes in style. This guide will provide information on keeping the combo going in Rollerdrome.

How to Perform Combos in Rollerdrome

Unlike the other skating games where you start off your combo by performing tricks etc, Rollerdrome combos kicks off by dealing damage to your enemies. Dealing constant damage will boost the combo meter and eliminating one of your foes will completely fill up the meter.

By performing successful tricks, you will be able to reload your active weapons, and performing timely tricks while shooting at your enemies will rapidly boost your combo meter which will also reduce the overall ammo consumption of your active weapon.

If you are having trouble maintaining your combo meter, you can preserve it by collecting the combo coins scattered around the arena. There are only five coins that spawn in each arena. Using the coins allows you to keep your combo multiplier going. However, you will only these coins when you are in a really tough situation.

To save your combo coins, you can spare weak enemies like grunts, and finish them off later when your combo meter is about to run out.

Maintaining Combos

Every enemy you finish off will add one level to your combo meter, hence also increasing your combo multiplier. Now there is a total of 10 achievements located in each arena varying on their difficulty and goal.


To overcome these challenges, you will need to maintain a high combo multiplier and increase your kill timings. To get the perfect game completion, you will have to complete all the achievement challenges the game offers at every arena.

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