Rogue One Writer Thinks EA Star Wars License Should Be Revoked

Any Star Wars fan that also plays video games should know by this point that Electronic Arts has been given an exclusive license to develop Star Wars games. However, now Gary Whitta, a writer for the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, thinks the EA Star Wars license should be revoked.

EA was the lucky developer that got the Star Wars license back in 2013 when Disney acquired Star Wars and declared the entire Expanded Universe non-canon. They also shut down Lucasarts, the studio responsible for developing a huge amount of Star Wars games, and instead gave a license to Electronic Arts, which also cost the Star Wars fanbase another game, Star Wars: 1313, which would have starred Boba Fett.

Since then, the EA Star Wars license has been treated very poorly, with a great deal of controversy to boot. Across the five years since they were given the license, EA has only been able to successfully release two Star Wars games, both of them Battlefront titles and each with their own heaping of controversy (the first with a dearth of content, the second sparking an enormous furor with highly expensive microtransactions.)

Whitta says that Disney ought to revoke the license because EA has catastrophically mismanaged it, as not only have they managed to only release two games (three if you count the mobile game Galaxy of Heroes), they’ve also cancelled far more, such as the game that Visceral was working on with Amy Hennig, which was cancelled because EA believed that no one played linear single-player games and wanted a game that they could milk for years.

To make that decision even more boneheaded, EA would later cancel the open-world Star Wars game that they cancelled the Visceral game for, rendering the entire affair completely useless. While Respawn Entertainment is working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which releases this year, there’s no telling how that game will be either.

Considering that EA removed the Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransactions following a direct order from Disney, there’s no telling how close EA is to losing the license, if they are at all. There have been rumors going around about the possibility of the license being given away to Activision or Ubisoft instead, but however this turns out, hopefully Star Wars games coming out in the future end up getting better.