Will Rocksteady’s Superman Game Be At The Game Awards? Possible Leaks Hint At Yes

For several years now, there’s been rumors going around that Rocksteady Games is in the process of making a Superman game, similar to their Batman Arkham series. There have been more recent rumors talking about the possibility of Rocksteady’s Superman being at the Game Awards, but is it actually true?

Aside from the series’s last entry, Batman: Arkham Knight, the Rocksteady Batman games were all critically acclaimed and gave rise to one of the most well-regarded series of superhero video games around. However, despite rumors of Rocksteady’s Superman game being in the works, the company’s said nothing about what they’re actually working on.

The rumor originally started with the website Game Systems Requirements, which posted a Rocksteady-developed Superman game called Superman: World’s Finest. And while the Game Awards have announced that there will be more game announcement trailers than ever before, we haven’t gotten any confirmation about a Superman game from Rocksteady, or any Superman game at all.

While Rocksteady was absent at E3, with the Game Awards just around the corner the studio may have a big opportunity to make waves in the gaming world by announcing a Superman game, especially since there hasn’t been a Superman video game in years, ever since 2006 with the official Superman Returns game.

There’s no telling what Rocksteady’s Superman game will be like, if they’re even creating one, but if it’s anything like the different Arkham games, hopefully it will not only be able to capture the spirit of Superman properly, rather than making it like the DC Cinematic Universe’s take on the character. That version of Superman has often gotten criticism for being too dark and serious, rather than the idealistic defender of justice that he’s normally supposed to be.

Of course, this is still dependent on whether or not they’re actually making a Superman game. If Rocksteady’s Superman game is in fact unveiled at the Game Awards, hopefully it’ll be a good one like the Arkham games. And if they’re not making one, hopefully they pick one up in the future. The Game Awards will be happening on December 7.