Rocksteady’s Next-Gen Title is Aiming for 90+ Metacritic Score

Rocksteady Games apparently has big ambitions for its first game on the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. A new job listing has said that the studio is looking for a Lead Technical Animator that can lead the way to Rocksteady’s next-gen title getting a 90+ Metacritic score when it releases.

A Metacritic score that’s over 90 when it releases is likely the holy grail for many studios, and it’s no surprise that Rocksteady wants their first game of the new generation to be an amazing experience for many. Even more so considering the studio’s history.

Rocksteady Games is best known for making the majority of the Batman Arkham games, which have all gotten fairly good reviews (even if Arkham Knight was impossible to run on any sort of PC). With hints of a new Batman game becoming more and more evident, it’s not a surprise that they’re hiring.

While there’s no guarantee the Lead Technical Animator position is related to Rocksteady’s next-gen title, it’s quite possible that it is, especially since Rocksteady has been hinting more and more at a possible new Batman Arkham game, possibly centered around the Court of Owls.

The lead animator position will be responsible for things like working with other team leaders to ensure smooth operation, working with production teams to create roadmaps, liaise with other key studio staff to identify work issues and requirements, and be a point of contact for the Animation group.

If the next Rocksteady game is in fact a Batman game, hopefully the Lead Technical Animator will be able to be an important part of the team to help get it to the proper Metacritic rating. Since Arkham Knight had a rather spotty performance on the PC, Rocksteady’s next-gen title will have to redeem the studio.

You can get to the job listing yourself by following this link, and hopefully Rocksteady will be unveiling their next-gen title sometime soon.