Rocksteady Studios Teases Suicide Squad Game

Rocksteady Studios has finally been officially confirmed to be working on the long-rumored Suicide Squad game.

Taking to Twitter just now, Rocksteady Studios teased that the upcoming DC FanDome event in the coming weeks has been “target locked” for the Suicide Squad game. There is obviously next to nothing to go on at the moment besides Superman with crosshairs on the back of his head. The teaser may be implying that players will be going after the Kryptonian in the Suicide Squad game.

Rocksteady Studios is, of course, the famed developer behind the acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy. It would not be surprising to discover that the Suicide Squad game will feature the same Batman: Arkham formula, as in the same over-the-shoulder camera and the same freeflow combat, albeit with a few new features and improvements.

Something Suicide Squad has been rumored to be in development for as long as the past couple of years or more. Warner Bros. Games Montréal was reportedly working on both a Superman and a Suicide Squad game, both of which were said to be scrapped. More recently, concept arts made their way online to show what the developer was working on.


It turns out that Rocksteady Studios was the one behind the game all along. Either that or the developer took over from Warner Bros. Games Montréal at some point in the past years for reasons unknown. It might not be a coincidence that Superman will apparently have a significant role to play in the Suicide Squad game when considering that his own game was canned.

DC FanDome takes place on August 22. While it would be too soon to speculate platforms, a next-generation release should be in the cards. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are launching worldwide this holiday season. Rocksteady Studios would definitely want to see what a Suicide Squad game would look like on next-generation hardware.

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