Rocksteady Studios’ “Outlaws” Leaked, Arkham Knight Returns

For the past week, Rocksteady Studios’ next game has been in the news. Multiple leaks point to an E3 reveal and a live service model. Today, another and possibly the biggest leak has revealed more than Rocksteady wanted us to know at this point. According to a leaked image, the next Rocksteady Studios game is called Outlaws, the famous DC comics vigilante group.

The leaked image was posted on Reddit and shows the title as well as Wayne Tower in the background. The world premiere of Outlaws is set for April 26. At the bottom of the image, we can see the mention of Epic Games which some may think points to its Epic Games Store exclusivity. However, that may not be the case.

Rocksteady Studios uses Epic’s Unreal Engine to develop Batman Arkham video games.

The image you see above is apparently leaked from the official WB Montreal Instagram page. The image doesn’t exist on the page anymore so the credibility of the leak cannot be verified through its original source.

In case this leaked image is actually from Rocksteady’s next game, it won’t be long before we see its world premiere.


There were rumors of the game being built around Suicide Squad with live service elements. While there is a “squad” in the leaked game, it isn’t Suicide Squad.

The Outlaws is a group led by Batman’s former ally, Jason Todd. In the Batman Arkham games, he took the role of Robin and later Arkham Knight. At the end of Batman Arkham Knight, Todd disappeared but before he went away, he saved Batman from Scarecrow.

In the DC comics, there have been multiple members of the Outlaws over the years. Red Hood, Bunker, Wingman, Arsenal, Bizarro, Starfire, Joker’s daughter, and many others have all been a part of the Outlaws.

Rocksteady Studios’ Outlaws can be set up nicely right after the events of Batman Arkham Knight. Batman is nowhere to be seen, presumably dead after the Knighfall protocol, so Gotham needs someone to stand up and take charge.

Rocksteady Studios next game is rumored to be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda. The unannounced AAA title is in development for “next-generation platforms,” according to recent job listings.

Whether this title is Outlaws or something else entirely remains to be seen.

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