Rocksteady Confirms Not Coming To Comic-con 2018, Not Ready To Talk About Superman Game

Comic-con 2018 will be taking place from July 19 to 22nd 2018 and while it is a platform where developers show off their games, developer Rocksteady has confirmed well in advance that it will not be coming to the event. Rocksteady is the developer behind the Batman: Arkham Trilogy and most believe that the developer is working on the next Superman game.

A few weeks back an image of an upcoming Superman game was leaked and it suggested that the game would be announced at the Microsoft press conference at E3 2018. When that did not happen, people started to speculate that Rocksteady would make an announcement at Comic-con 2018 instead but the developer took to Twitter to confirm that the team will not be there. The tweet by studio director, Jamie Walker is as follows:

Inb4 people start asking about whether Rocksteady Games will be at SDCC this year: we’d love to be there but won’t be ready to talk about our next game for a while yet. You’ll know when it’s time

While this is a bummer at least we know that the dev will not be taking part in the event and fans can skip the speculation about what we are going to get at Comic-con 2018. This, however, might hint that the game is still in development and as of right now is not polished enough to show to people.

While some people are bummed out, other people are appreciating the announcement and are asking the developers to take their time with the game. Fans are pretty accommodating if they get a good game in the end. Nothing is worse than getting a new game and finding it to be full of bugs and issues at launch. We do not want to wait for bugs to be fixed. Players are paying money for a final game, a finished product. Not a work in progress. Twitter user Marcoo had the following to say in reply to this announcement:

Thank you for learning from your previous mistakes (E3) and letting your fans know about CC ahead of time.

Indeed, it seems that the dev is learning from the mistakes that it has made and is communicating properly with the fans this time. That is what we all like to see.

We have also heard that we will be getting more of RE2 Remake at the event and that will be something worth looking into as well. Other than that, I cannot wait for the playable demo of Devil May Cry 5 that has been promised at the event.

Let us know what you think about Rocksteady not coming to Comic-con 2018 and how you feel about that.

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