Rockstar Working On LA Noire 2?

A video has surfaced online which suggests that Rockstar Games is developing LA Noire 2 game. Previous rumors indicated that the American video game company was working on an unknown title.

As noticed by Reddit, a YouTube channel by the name of “LA Noire Part Two” was detected. As of right now, the channel has been taken down. Youtube is known for creating channels automatically when a certain subject matter has a lot of videos.

In the case of this LA Noire 2 channel, the video-sharing platform had multiple 80’s music tracks. These tracks were accredited to LA Noire 2 and were licensed by Rockstar owners, Take-Two interactive.

The 80’s tracks included a reference to K.T.I which is a fictional radio station in the first L.A. Noire game. Apparently these songs were meant to be played on that particular radio station.

Last month, an image was discovered by internet users on the Rockstar Games homepage. The image suggested that something new was in the making at Rockstar. All fingers pointed towards the development of GTA6.

Earlier last month, a YouTube video suggested that a document containing confidential information was leaked from Rockstar. According to this document, GTA 6 was already in pre-production in 2013. All these little leaks and tidbits had our attention set at the sequel to Grand Theft Auto V.

However, this new piece of information has certainly shifted our perspective. What if Rockstar Games is developing an LA Noire 2 game instead of Grand Theft Auto 6?  Rumors relating to an LA Noire 2 are certainly few and far between.

LA Noire is a neo-noir action-adventure video game that has detective work as its core aspect. Rockstar released the game in 2011. The game received mostly positive reviews and was considered a blend of the Mafia and GTA games.

Though not as popular as the aforementioned games, the franchise certainly garnered enough fans to warrant a sequel. We will have to wait and see if this YouTubechannel meant anything or if it was just a hoax.