Rockstar Promises Hundreds Of Red Dead Redemption 2 In-Game Decisions

Red Dead Redemption 2 is releasing next month, bearing expectations of a Game of the Year title. The game itself is a mixture of genres, including RPG, shooting, action elements and more. We knew already that the sequel to the Wild West favorite Red Dead Redemption would be a game featuring lots of decision making but Rockstar now confirms that their impact is far greater than we anticipated.

In the latest issue of  Official PlayStation Magazine for November 2018, Rockstar North Art Director Josh Bass talked about the opportunities of making Red Dead Redemption 2 your own, being able to make decisions that react with the whole structure of the game. According to him, there will be hundreds of decisions to be made, creating an impact on what kind of outlaw you want to be, your relationships and more:

“While there’s an overarching story, the game is filled with choices for Arthur to make that will allow you to decide what kind of outlaw Arthur is – whether he’s an honorable outlaw or someone less honorable is up to you,”

“The world will respond to these choices in ways both big and small, and hopefully when players begin to share their experiences they’ll start to realise just how different they are from one another, depending on the hundreds of decisions they made across the course of the game.”

In theory, all that sounds promising but 2018 was far too ambitious as a year regarding new titles so we’ll hold our breath and hope the game is as good as it seems. The fact that decisions play such a big role in the game’s progression is a feature that will shape the way RPGs are viewed, making impactful changes to the RPG genre forever.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is releasing on PS4 and Xbox One on October 26th, 2018. Are you excited yet?

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