Rockstar Games Continues to Ban GTA Online PC Players for Using Cosmetic Mods

Rockstar Games continues to ban GTA Online PC players because of using different mods.

Confusion erupted in GTA Online PC sub-reddit when a majority of players reported getting banned for using cosmetic mods. The company’s action raises the question whether using cosmetic mods is just as offensive as god-mode or unlimited ammunition?

Interestingly not all players who are playing the game with applied mods received a banhammer. A thread made by ‘Never-Asked-for-This’ showed an image which shows him or her getting banned for using an FOV mod. However, the said thread is filled with people who are playing the game with mods just fine.

When reached Rockstar Games for clarification on FOV mods, Rockstar Games said that Cosmetic Mods are not a bannable offense, but players are required to reach out to Rockstar Technical before installing the mod as the company does not officially support mods:

Cosmetic mods are not a bannable offense. However, if you require technical support after installing a mod, you will need to uninstall the mod before we can help you with any issue you have, as we do not officially support Mods. If you have any further support issues, please feel free to contact us at:

Personally, I believe it will be a good idea on the part of Rockstar Games if it issues an official list of bannable mods so as to spare players from such unwelcome surprises.

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