Rockstar Asks Fans To Have Some God Damn Faith In Red Dead Online Economy

Red Dead Online beta is live, however, gamers aren’t particularly thrilled about it. This is due to the strange economy in Red Dead Online. However, Rockstar has broke silence on the matter and has asked fans to have some faith in Red Dead Online and its economy.

Rockstar Games took to Twitter and thanked fans and gamers playing Red Dead Online beta. The studio noted that fan feedback is really instrumental and will shape every aspect of the Red Dead Online experience.

As for Red Dead Online economy, the studio noted that it is the main focus for the studio. According to Rockstar Games, Red Dead Online economy will require additional balancing to make sure the activities are rewarding and fun.

Rockstar noted that it will roll out updates as soon as later this week. Not only that, next week will also see new updates. We hope one of these updates will fix the Red Dead Online Economy.

Until then, you can exploit the Red Dead Online money glitch to get money. The glitch is very simple, just go to Emerald Ranch.

All you have to do is kill every animal in Emerald Ranch and then sell their skins. It doesn’t end here, after you have sold the skins change the server and the animals will respawn at the ranch. Keep doing it until you have the money you need.

Furthermore, players have reported that some of the missions aren’t working. The glitch stops the missions from triggering and hence players can’t complete the quest.

However, there is no fix for this Red Dead Online glitch but, Rockstar Games is actively working to fix the problem. Meaning until Rockstar fixes the glitch you will have to play the game as it is.

Speaking of glitches, given that Red Dead Online is in beta, more glitches are bound to pop up. There is a glitch in Red Dead Online that makes every character to scream and it’s horrifying. You could say this glitch sums up our feelings regarding Red Dead Online economy.

With that being said, it seems that Rockstar Games is taking player feedback seriously. We can expect changes in the economy and fixes for these Red Dead Online glitches.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world action adventure game developed by Rockstar Games. The game is available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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