Rocket Thrusters Found In Fortnite, Something’s Cooking

Fortnite is really popular and there’s a reason why people keep coming back to the game, it is due to the amazing strategy of Epic Games which involves including something new almost every day to the game.

I personally play it and almost find something new in the game every time I play. Sometimes things disappear and somethings they come back shortly just like the limited time modes. If you remember meteors which marked the start of the season 4 brought some spacier theme to the game.

Well, that was not the end as something new is being cooked again. A player has found a rocket crashed in Anarchy Acres which you can take a look at below.

It’s the thrusters of the deployed rocket which have crashed on into the land of Anarchy Acres. There are some other witnesses which tell us that they heard sirens while playing the game which hints that maybe a rocket is coming down which can be more than one.

It’s probably that a new place is being added or something is going to be wiped off the map again just like it happened with the Dusty Depot.

It’s pure madness how they do it in the game and it really keeps everyone excited about the game. Epic Games also announced that they are going to extend the current Battle Pass Season 4 with up to 2 days so it’s a great chance for everyone to complete all the challenges of the game before the start of the next season.

Other than that, if you were facing matchmaking issues it could be due to the Fortnite Playground mode which now has been disabled to fix servers issues in an emergency maintenance.

Interestingly, Fortnite physical copies are being sold for an insane amount with up to $450 on eBay or even more so if you have one it’s the perfect time to sell it or maybe buy another console? Just saying.

Have you witnessed anything new within the map in Fortnite Battle Royale? Let us know in the comments below.

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