Rocket League Snow Day Extended; Reaches 10M Player Count

PlayStation 4 users are having a blast with Rocket League and so are the developers who have made about $50 million from the game in the year 2015. If you happen to be a fan, you would have played the Snow Day event; if you liked it, we have good news. Psyonix have decided to extend the event for you!

The Snow Day was supposed to end but it looks like the developers want you to enjoy playing with the hockey puck a little more. They took to the official Twitter profile of the game to make the announcement that reads:

We’re glad there’s been such great love for Snow Day so we’ve extended its stay! See you on the ice!

Also, you should know that Private Group functionality is also being developed for the Snow Day but it will come out with the next patch – whenever that comes.

That is not all, the physics-based vehicle soccer video game has yet another reason to celebrate now; only a couple of hours ago Psyonix revealed that Rocket League has increased its player base to more than 10 million! Now that is a figure to boast of since we are talking about an indie title.

WOW! The Rocket League community is now more than 10 MILLION PLAYERS strong! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us!

While all this is great news, Xbox One users are also going to be invited to the party in February, 2016. But no, there will be no cross-platform play because the developers say that Xbox One doesn’t allow the feature in general.

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