Rocket League Isn’t Going Anywhere From Steam, Psyonix Assures

Yesterday, it was announced that Epic Games has acquired Psyonix, the studio behind Rocket League. The news was met with a lot of confusion like what will happen to Rocket League on Steam? Will it go to Epic Games Store? And what will happen to existing Steam users who have the game on PC?

After the news hit the internet, Psyonix team published a blog post on the Rocket League website where it cleared its stance on how they will be moving forward after being acquired by Epic. Psyonix emphasized on Rocket League being “a community-driven game”. Furthermore, the studio said, “now that we have joined forces with Epic, we will be able to serve our community in even bigger and better ways.”

Although Rocket League fans may find comfort in Psyonix’s statement, there still remains the question of how the acquisition will impact Steam users who still have the game on PC.

In the press release sent out by Epic Games, the company said:

The PC version of Rocket League will come to the Epic Games store in late 2019. In the meantime, it will continue to be available for purchase on Steam; thereafter it will continue to be supported on Steam for all existing purchasers.

Furthermore, an Epic Games spokesperson clarified the company’s plans by saying:

“We are continuing to sell Rocket League on Steam, and have not announced plans to stop selling the game there.” The Epic spokesperson added, “Rocket League remains available for new purchasers on Steam, and long-term plans will be announced in the future.”

Epic Game also says that PC players who have previously purchased Rocket League through Steam “will still be able to play Rocket League on Steam with all of the content they’ve previously purchased, same as always.”

Rocket League has been a game that has impacted gaming as a whole. It paved the way for a lot of streamers and brokered friendships. Last year Rocket League revealed that the game was played by more than 50 million players across the world. Although it is concerning for fans of the rocket-powered battle cars game, it is also interesting how Epic Games will take the game from here.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game developed by Psyonix and Panic Button Games for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch.