Rock Band 4 Not Ruled Out For Wii U, Says Harmonix

Rock Band 4

Earlier this month, Harmonix announced Rock Band 4 for a release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by the end of the year. The announcement made no mention of any release or even consideration of one for the the Wii U.

Previously, the developer hinted that it could arrive for the Wii U, provided there was enough fan support. Recently, the studio has stated that it has not ruled out anything just yet.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who asked about the prospects of a Wii U release for Rock Band 4, Harmonix stated that it will “weigh in on console preference” through a survey it is currently conducting. The survey asks fans of what features or improvements they would like to see in the new installment. The developer now wants you to tell them if a Wii U version should be released.

Harmonix further added that the missing announcement of a Wii U version was not part of any “malicious decision.”

“We want as many people as possible to play our games,” it said.


Earlier this month, Harmonix said that previously purchased content and songs from previous Rock Band titles will also work in Rock Band 4 – from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and from PS3 to PS4.

The company also announced that the development team is hard at work with both Microsoft and Sony to allow fans to use their old peripherals with the latest iteration – despite all differences.

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