Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Farming Guide

In our Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Guide, we’ll show you everything that you need to know about farming some easy Lunar Coins in the game. These coins will allow you to unlock new characters and a few other items.

Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Farming

There aren’t yet many ways to farm the Lunar Coins but what has been concluded is that they are randomly generated drops after you kill enemies.

After you defeat your enemy, they will appear over the enemy as Silver Coins. It is not necessary that you will find them as they are random, but when you do, quickly collect them and get back on your journey.

Uses of Lunar Coins

When you collect Lunar Coins, it is not necessary for you to use them in that run. Even if you do not use them in the same run from where you got them, they will be stored.

You have to keep building them up until you score 11 at first. No, you do not have to only score 11 but at first, to unlock your Mage character, you need to have 11 Lunar Coins.

You will be using these Lunar Coins to buy off things from the Bazaar. This is the place from where you will be unlocking Mage for 10 Lunar Coins. After you have saved up 11 Lunar Coins, follow these steps to unlock Mage:

Firstly, you have to find a blue rock with light blue spikes. You have to interact with that and then give it one Lunar Coin and it will hand over a Blue Orb to you.

After you have successfully opened the Lunar Portal, you’ll have to defeat the final stage boss at the end level. Be sure not to use your Teleporter; instead, use the Lunar Portal to travel to the Bazaar.

In the Bazaar, you can buy off items or can even exchange items but that is not why we are here, you have to save 10 Coins for the Mage.

Lunar Plant
During the game, we also came across some Lunar Plants. Giving them a Lunar Coin bestows you with a new item but since we do not have more information on this, we’d suggest you hold on and only buy the Mage.

Obliterating At The Obelisk
Get the new lunar item known as the Beads of Fealty. These were added as part of the Hidden Realms update and they change the ending if you obliterate while a member of your party is holding them.

They allow you access into the secret hidden realm once you get obliterated where you will have to fight a Scavenger boss.

The best way to beat the Scavenger is to keep your distance so if you’re into melee combat; do not engage in a higher difficulty.

After you finally kill the boss, it will drop a pack containing 10 Lunar coins.

Collect them before the screen fades to black. If you do die here, you will not get the coins since it won’t count as you obliterating at the Obelisk.

Stage 8 Farming
Pick the Engineer so that you can use the turrets to obliterate bosses but you can play as any character you want really.

On stage 1, save up enough money to get the equipment chest so that you can get the Preon Accumulator.

This will let you get through the first loop without any items and then go to the first chest you see to pick up some protective items.

You should prioritize stuff like missiles. The other items depend on your survival, e.g: if you’re playing Mercenary then stack some focus crystals.

If you’re playing Commando then stack some Soldier Syringes. Also keep Ukuleles because they help against Wisps and guillotine to help you against elite enemies.

Once you get to stage 4, you can start farming some items to help make things easier for the next stages.

If you find a Legendary chest then pick up the daggers since those will help big time. The daggers will instant kill any small enemies that start swarming you.

These steps will help you get to Stage 8 in 20-25 minutes. Once you obliterate yourself it will get you 5 Lunar Coins, plus the drops you get from enemies you kill.

This is the most consistent way to get Lunar Coins very fast and easily