Risk of Rain 2 Interactables Guide

In this Risk of Rain 2 Interactables guide, we will talk about all the items that you can interact within the game. These items can be found all over the map.

You cannot move them but you can interact with them. They serve a variety of purposes and we will classify these Interactables based on the purpose they serve.

Risk of Rain 2 Interactables

Interactables in RoR 2 come in many varieties that each serve a different purpose. Below is our detailed breakdown of all these Interactable types in Risk of Rain 2.

Main Interactables

The following are the main interactables in the game:

It can be guessed from the name that the teleporter will be used to teleport the players from one place to the other.

You can find this in any environment and it can be identified from its circular shape and the two horns like pillars on both sides.

It emits some orange particles that can be observed from far as well.

You along with your team have to use it in order to get to the next environment after you have fully charged it; which would be one of the main objectives in each stage.

These can be found in up to 12 areas in each Environment, some may be harder to find than the rest.

Newt Altars
Newt Altars look like an oyster that has blue stalagmites growing out of their sides. They are hard to find as their locations are very hard to reach.

There can be a single, or multiple altars in each level. If you have charged up the teleported, then you can use a Lunar coin in order to open a blue portal that opens up into the Bazaar Between Times.

Escape Pod
Upon starting a new game, all the players fall from the sky in an Escape pod with the exception of MUL-T and Acrid.

In order to start playing the game, you must leave the pod by interacting with it which makes it an interactable item.

Radio Scanner
Radio scanner can be found in all environments. It is different from the Radar scanner as that tells you the location of the interactables in the game.

When you purchase this, it will scan the whole stage and download all of the data of that stage from the Radio Scanner.

No new spawns of the radio scanner will be made if you have already scanned that stage but if anyone from your team hasn’t then there will be a radio scanner spawned from them.

Launch Pads
The circular platforms that launch the players in the air are called launch pads. Using them you can get a birds-eye view of the map and then navigating that stage will become easier.

Chests & Loot

These are all the chest and loot interactables in the game:

Chests & Equipment
These interactables can be found in every environment with the exception of Bazaar between Time and A moment, Fractures.

They spawn at random and you have to explore the map in order to find them. The items present inside the chests can be bought using Gold. There are many kinds of chest in the game, these are:

  • Small Chest
  • Large Chest
  • Legendary Chest
  • Equipment Barrel
  • Multishop Terminal
  • Equipment Triple Shop
  • Category Chest
  • Adaptive Chest
  • Rusty Lockbox
  • Cloaked Chest

Their names make their qualities self-explanatory and we will not get into details of them to keep the guide brief.

Lunar Pod
Except for Hidden Realms the lunar pod can be found in every environment. You will need one Lunar Coin in order to open this blue flower bud.

When you use your coin and the flower blooms, it will give you one of the lunar items or equipment that you have previously unlocked.

This interactable gives you very little gold and XP when you open it. You can find it in any environment.

You can get an idea of how much gold it gives you by seeing that opening three of these barrels yields enough gold for one chest and that is at easy difficulty. If the difficulty is increased the amount of gold decreases.

3D Printers
Every common environment has 3D printers. They function in a way that they will give you one item whose picture is displayed on the printer.

If you want to get that item, you will need to give it an item that has the same value as the one being printed.

To summarize they convert the item you give them into the item displayed by them. You will however no get to choose the item that is taken by the printer as the printer will pick the item randomly that has roughly the same value.

You can use the printer as many times as you want, granted that you have a lot of items to exchange.

You can find this item in every environment. Basically, this will convert any lunar item you have into a scrap.

You will get the same color scrap as the item you put inside the machine. If you choose an item to scrap, the machine will take all your collection of that specific item and convert it into scraps.

Cleansing Pool
They work the same way as the 3D printers but instead of one specific item, the cleansing pool gives out a pearl or an irradiant pearl. You will have to use a lunar item to get something from the cleansing pool.


These are all the shrines present in the game:

Altar of Gold
After you have charged up the teleporter you can use this shrine to open a gold portal that you will open up to Gilded Coast.

You can find this Shrine in any map. There may be multiple of these Altars in one stage and if you use one of them the rest will be disabled.

Shrine of Blood
You can exchange you HP for gold in this shrine. The quantity of gold obtained is half of the HP you sacrificed.

Shrine of Chance
You can use this shrine as many times as you want, granted you have the gold but if you successfully get two items from the shrine, it will be deactivated. It will give you a random item every time you use it.

Shrine of Combat
There is a challenge called War Horn that will be completed if you finish three of these shrines in the same stage. When you activate it, a group of monsters will appear and you will have to take them out.

Shrine of Order
You can find this shrine only in Rallypoint Delta and Commencement. When you use a lunar coin, the shrine will select items from your inventory that has the same rarity as the one it’s about to give you.

Then it will convert all the items of the same rarity to the new item and you will have a whole stack of the new item.

Shrine of the Mountain
If you activate this shrine the difficulty of the bosses you fight will increase but you will get more items as you activate more of these shrines.

Shrine of the Woods
This shrine heals anyone who stands within its circular field upon activation. If you upgrade it, the area of the circular field will increase.


You can buy drones, repair them and then you can use them. They will deal damage to your opponents, help you in healing, and overall help you out in your tasks.

As you level up your drone will also upgrade.

Emergency Drone
This is just a healing drone that is much faster. It will heal your survivor and companions and even the Beetle guards.

It will go wherever you go. The drawback is that it is much more expensive than the healing drone.

Equipment Drone
This drone uses equipment instead of gold. It will use the same equipment every time the item cooldown refreshes.

Gunner Drone
It shoots at your opponents, causing damage and you can use multiple of these drones to deal more damage.

Gunner Turret
You would not be able to move freely if you use this drone but the benefit is that you would get a lot more firepower. You can use multiple of these drones as well.

Healing Drone
It is a drone that heals your survivor when needed. You can use multiple of these drones as well.

Incinerator Drone
This is like a flamethrower on a drone that burns your enemies

Missile Drone
This drone fires missiles at your enemies.

TC-280 Prototype
This drone has a machine gun and missiles making it much better than other drones but its health is low and it is very expensive.

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