How to Unlock Heretic in Risk of Rain 2

The new anniversary update for Risk of Rain 2 is out now that features a new secret playable character called Heretic. This guide will cover all the required items you need to unlock the Heretic in Risk of Rain 2.

How to unlock Heretic in Risk of Rain 2

Heretic is the new class introduced in the anniversary update of Risk of Rain 2. You can only play as a Heretic for a single run as this class cannot be unlocked.

To get access to this secret character, you need to have completed the Blockade Breaker challenge. The challenge requires you to take out 15 bosses in a single run.

Doing so will unlock the Heresy items that you need to get to play as Heretic. Before, you would only get two Heresy items for beating the challenge, but now, two more Heresy items have been added in the anniversary update.

Start another run but this time, activate the Artifact of Command to pick your item of choice when you get a drop. Go to the Bazaar Between Time to find the four Heresy items that you need.

You will need 8x Lunar Coins to get all four of the Heresy items. Make sure you choose the correct item using the Artifact of Command. The effects of these items are:

  • Hooks of Heresy: Installs a projectile launcher in place of a secondary skill that fires rockets at the enemies. These rockets can go through the enemies and deal damage per second.
  • Visions of Heresy: Equipping the Hungering Gaze skill will replace the primary skill. This item fires tracking shards that automatically detonate after a short interval.
  • Strides of Heresy: Utility skill is replaced with Shadowfade that makes you gain 30% movement speed and regain some of your health.
  • Essence of Heresy: Adds a stack of Ruin whenever you damage an enemy. Target the enemy you want to detonate the Ruin stacks on and use Special Skill to deal massive damage to that target.

Make sure you get all four Heresy items in a single run to play as Heretic.