Risk of Rain 2 Gold Farming Guide

Gold in Risk of Rain 2 is needed in the game to get hold of items and weapons from the crates. It helps you in opening the crates and acquiring items and weapons for fighting off enemies.

All the things from the crates will be very useful in all the runs; hence, farming gold in the game is important.

In our Gold Farming Guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about using the Shrine in order to farm some easy and quick gold in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Gold Farming

There are different ways to farm gold in Risk of Rain 2. You will be earning gold throughout the runs by doing different activities. You can also earn gold by opening up the barrels dotted around your level.

Sometimes, when you defeat your enemies, they drop off some gold for you. There is a way to farm some easy gold by using the Blood Shrine.

Using the Blood Shrine is a bit riskier if enemies surround you as the Blood Shrine has an effect on your HP and you do not want to be vulnerable when you are fighting with the enemies but using the shrine is a very quick method to earn the gold in RoR2.

Blood Shrine Gold Farming

Almost in each level, you will find a Blood Shrine. The Blood Shrine will be dotted on your map and on getting close to it; it will convert into red symbols.

You have to get closer to it and it will offer you gold but in exchange for a percentage of your health.

You can use a Blood Shrine for exactly three times in each run. The first time you use it, it will suck up half of your health that is 50%. The next time it will ask for 75% of your HP and the third time, it will take up to 93% of your HP.

With this higher percentage of taking your HP, it will also offer you a higher amount of gold each time.

The reason why you should use these Blood Shrines when totally in an isolated ground away from the enemies is that you will be very weak, out of health, and only a few attacks of the enemies will take you down.

When you use the Blood Shrine, it will be risky but totally worth it but because it is the quickest way to earn gold and get your hand on those crates which will provide you with weapons.

It is recommended that you do use this method whenever possible.