Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List

Risk of Rain 2 boasts a variety of characters for you to play with as you cut through hordes of enemies. Each character has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what playstyle you prefer. In this Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List, we’ve drafted the best and worst characters in the game.

Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List

Risk of Rain 2 features a total of 10 different playable characters, however, some of them are better than others. Below is our tier list to showcase the best Risk of Rain 2 characters.

Unfortunately, the Captain is too new of a character to be classified properly but rest assured we will update this RoR 2 character tier list over time.

Artificer – Tier S
Artificer can dish out insane amounts of damage using her proc-coefficient abilities later in the game.

She’s the character that utilizes each item’s power as best she can to deal an insane amount of damage.

The only downside to Artificer is the mobility part. She has no abilities that will help her get out of a sticky situation.

However, this doesn’t matter much once you’ve acquired enough items. Once you’re overpowered with stacks of speed boosts, you won’t exactly be sticking in one place for too long.

With the correct condition-based items like the Ukulele, you can shred through the end-game with ease.

Huntress – Tier A
The only reason I’m putting Huntress second on the list is because of how boring her kit is. You essentially have aim-bot and your arrows lock onto your enemies without you having to do much.

As you build up stacks of speed and damaging items, Huntress becomes an unstoppable force that can roam through the entire play-area with no trouble at all.

However, her entire playstyle is terribly boring where you’ll find yourself jumping around and holding left-click for the most part.

Mercenary – Tier A
Mercenary has a unique playstyle with abilities that can help him traverse through hordes with relative ease.

Your entire gameplay revolves around being up in the face with your enemies.

Suspend yourself into the air, dash into your enemies, and even make yourself invincible for a short duration of time.

Mercenary has a steep learning curve, and that makes the character all the more fun to play. Master the character, and cut through your enemies with grace!

MUL-T – Tier B
MUL-T was initially an overpowered character that outperformed anyone in the roster. Even after a few nerfs, the robot’s an absolute destructive machine with a decent proc-coefficient.

What sets MUL-T apart from other characters is that he can bring in two weapons instead of just one. He can swap between the two weapons on the go.

Not only does MUL-T have a Power Saw for melee damage, but he can also choose to distance himself and deal damage with his Auto-Nailgun.

The only downside to MUL-T is that in its current stage, you’ll find him very underwhelming without any items stacked on.

Engineer – Tier B
Engineer isn’t too much by himself. The man is made by the machines that he carries around.

With overwhelming firepower, you can take down hordes of enemies by confining yourself to one ideal location on the map as Engineer.

You have a choice between mobile or stationary turrets. Both come with their pros and cons.

If you can’t maintain your turrets’ health, you’re going to suffer a lot and may not contribute too much to the team.

Loader – Tier C
Loader has high-damaging fists along with a grappling hook that can help him maneuver effectively mid-air. As Loader, your main attacks deal huge amounts of damage up close.

Stack the Loader up with some speed and damaging items, and you’re looking at a pretty decent assassin that can rush in with her formidable fists.

Rex – Tier C
Rex’s self-sustenance and consistent damage output makes him a viable pick. But the character is extremely dependent on items if you want to stay alive as maps get tougher.

Rex’s life-steal allows him to stay in the game longer. If you cycle your abilities correctly, you’ll be healing faster than the incoming damage.

Use the damage of your enemies to keep yourself fed and dish the damage right back at them.

Acrid – Tier D
Acrid is primarily a melee character who relies on poison to deal large amounts of damage to hordes of enemies.

Poisoning enemies will weaken them down to 1 health. You can utilize an item like the Old Guillotine to get the most out of Acrid.

However, Acrid’s abilities do not compliment his melee playstyle at all.

Commando – Tier D
When you first launch up Risk of Rain 2, you’ll only have Commando unlocked. He’s a very basic character.

You will not however be looking back at him once you have other characters unlocked because well, everyone else just performs marginally better.

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