Risen 3: Titan Lords Legendary Items Locations Guide

The concept of Legendary Items is not new to any RPG casual or fanatic. These items are simply high-level gear that tends to provide your character far better attributes than regular items.

And due to this fact alone, finding these items can be a tiresome grind.

While some RPGs require taking out mobs in order to acquire Legendary Gear, Risen 3: Titan Lords allows you to salvage these items from fixed locations.

Do keep in mind that some of these items are well-guarded by high-level enemies and may require you to have decent gear and level.

In addition to this, you will also receive Treasure Hunter Achievement/Trophy.

Risen 3: Titan Lords Legendary Items Locations

In this guide, I’ll be sharing the locations of all Legendary Items that I have found during my course of the game.

Crab Coast

Hardened Crab Shell
Location: You need to head east from the main area of the Crab Coast and you will end up on a small island with palm trees and a chest containing the item, 400 GP, and 100 Gold.


Booze for Aiming
Location: To get this item, you need to head to the southern side of the Demon Hunter’s Citadel. The item will be located on top of a small table on the upper floor of a building.

Tuning Fork
Location: Head over to the northern side of the graveyard which is located in the north side of the Demon Hunter’s Citadel and the item will be located behind a large gravestone.

Blunt Ritual Knife
Location: To get this item, you need to head inside the Demon Hunter’s Citadel during night hours and complete ‘The Muscle Man’ side-quest. This side-quest requires you to win an arm-wrestling challenge against Henrik.

Broken Lock Pick
Location: You need to head to the mountainous area where you met Fenn and head inside a small house. Once inside, you will find the Legendary Lock Pick lying on the ground, right next to a lantern and table.

Intractable Liana
Location: You will find this item during Dangerous Liaison side-quest. Once you have dealt with Tirion, look for the item near the wooden barricade inside the beach camp.


Old Bow
Location: You need to head inside the cave from the entrance which is directly facing the destructed ship. Once you’re inside, take right from the first intersection, then take a left, and take another right to get to a blind end with the Old Bow lying on the ground.

The Ancient Pestle
Location: After retrieving the Old Bow, turn around and keep on running and you will find yourself in the outside area. Once you are outside, jump over the rocks on the right side and head down to meet a gigantic create.

Travel up the area on the right side of this creature and you will find the item lying on some bones.


Blood-Soaked Cloth
Location: You need to enter the cave located at the bottom-right of your world-map and keep on following the path until you come across the item located at a blind end. Beware though; you will come across many giant rats inside the cave.

Blue Quill
Location: You need to head over to the location shown in the image and head forward to find it lying on the ground; right next to some rocks. Click on ‘View Image’ for enlarged size!

Risen 3 [Titan Lords]

Can’t find any item? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll assist you further.

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