Risen 3 Crashes, Save Game Fix, Errors, Stuttering, FPS Fixes

Although Risen 3: Titan Lords has received mixed reviews, the latest iteration in the action RPG series is doing well among the fans. While the game is looking good on consoles, PC users like always, are enjoying extra frames at ultra-high resolutions.

That being said, despite the game has many enjoyable elements, it does have its fair share of problems on PC.

Fans have already reported multiple bugs and there are some issues that aren’t letting some users enjoy the game to its full. Some of the users even haven’t been able to start the game.

While Piranha Bytes will be looking into these issues and planning some patches, you can browse through the following workarounds to find the possible workarounds and fixes.

#1 Risen 3 Save Game Fix
Some of the users are facing issues in saving the game properly. There are a few workarounds that can try to resolve this issue:

First, you need to find and open file \data\ini\mount_packed.xml. You can open that using a notepad. When the file is open, you need to find the following:


The line next to it will have the option: “PhysicalPath”. You need to change it as following:


This should fix the issue. Make sure that you make a backup of your original file in case anything goes wrong.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can try editing “PhysicalPath” command as following:

PhysicalPath=”C:/Users//Saved Games/Risen3/SaveGames”

#2 Risen 3 Crash to Desktop Fix
If your game is being crashed randomly without giving any error messages, you can try out the following for a fix:

  • First, I will recommend that you verify the game’s cache.
  • If that doesn’t help, try running the game as administrator.
  • Some users have reported that disabling Steam Cloud seems to have resolved the issue for them.
  • You can also try out the workarounds mentioned in #1 if your game is being crashed around saving.

#3 Risen 3 Stuttering Fix
First thing you need to check is your graphics options. To me, my default refresh rate was set to 40 while my native rate is 60.

Stuttering can be caused due to this difference. Change the value from the options to the one you are using for your desktop screen and it should go away.

If there is still micro-stuttering, you can try editing your ” ConfigDefault.xml” file in “ini” folder. Open the file in a notepad and search for “FPSLimitToRefreshRate”. You need to alter its True value to False.

A user has also shared that disabling hyper-threading from the Bios options can also remove the stutter. But, I won’t recommend you trying this unless you are an advanced user.

#4 Risen 3 FPS fix for Laptops
Risen 3 is one of those games who can pick up your onboard video memory rather than the dedicated one specifically in case of laptops. So if you are experiencing very bad framerates, make sure that the game is being run using the dedicated video card (usually an Nvidia/AMD chip).

#5 Risen 3 – How to Enable Full Screen
If you are confused about getting the game to run in full screen, following short tutorial can help you out:

  • First, you need to open ConfigDefault.xml file in notepad, which you can find in Steam\steamapps\common\Risen 3\data\ini\ folder.
  • Once the file is opened, you need to locate (use Ctrl +F) FullScreen command.
  • By default, it will be set to false. Just change it to True and you are good to go. Don’t forget to save the changes though.

#6 Risen 3 – Graphics Fix for Weird Visuals
There has been some reports about weird graphics in Risen 3 even on high end PCs. That’s something that can be attributed to anti-aliasing setting. You need to open the control panel for your GPU (for ATI it’s catalyst control panel) and find Antialiasing setting.

Change the option to “Application Controlled” to fix the issue.

#7 Risen 3 Crashes to Desktop – msiexec.exe Error
If you are experiencing this issue, just install the Windows Media player and the problem should be solved.

If you come across any other issue, comment and we will help you out!

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