Risen 2 : Dark Waters Factions Detailed

Risen 2: Dark Waters is currently in production scheduled to launch early next year. Developers have released a new video about the making of the game and it also introduce us about a new faction called “The Pirates”.

The game previously had the factions called “The Natives of Aberiya” and “The Inquisition”. This time they have decided to focus more on the Pirates Faction.

The terrain has changed in this sequel as well, Piranha Studios introduced a new engine that has created many new islands and a lot of other things have been added that give the players the ease of wandering around and as well as granting them a chance at getting more hidden treasures.

The Pirates however give the game a unique new look, the new faction allows players to join up as pirates and start hunting off for treasures as they venture into the game further more.

The developer diary is surely a good way of learning about various new additions about the game, getting to know about the quests, the terrain and the added feature of gnomes.

Contributor at SegmentNext.