Rise of the Tomb Raider Crypts Locations Guide

Rise of the Tomb Raider Crypts locations guide to help you achieve 100 percent completion in the game.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider, Crypts are hidden locations that you can find on your leisure. They aren’t easy to locate but for your hard work and persistence you will get rare items, coins and much more.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Crypts Location

Below are locations for Crypts you can find in the Soviet Installation, Geothermal Valley and The Lost City.

Soviet Installation Crypts

The Forge’s Crypt
Little bit west of the Hidden Refuge you will find a crypt. You will find special and rare items inside. To enter the cavern you will first have to break through a wall.

There are three coins to be found here, keep your eyes peeled. Look for a mural at the bottom and many other treasures as you go deeper.

There is a hallway to the right filled with water, drop down and search the platform to the right to find a document. You will also find Sarcophagus in the main room of the crypt.


The Astronomer’s Crypt
This one is a bit tricky to find. You need to keep a lookout for cracks in the rocks when you pass through the Soviet Installation. Go to the Vista’s base camp and walk east along the path.

There is a break in the rocks on the southern wall, Lara can slip inside. Loot the Crypt!

Geothermal Valley Crypts

The Physician’s Crypt
The entrance of this crypt is located within a cave. Go to Ruins Encampment and head south, jump over the walls to reach the cliffs.

The entrance you’re looking for is near an outcropping. Get as close as you can to it. Break a wall when you’re inside and descend.

The Architect’s Crypt
You have to continuously drop down ledges after starting at the Ridgeline base camp. You could fall down, so make sure you use Survival Instincts to examine the ledges.

Drop down underneath the falls to reach the crypt entrance. You can find, Mural, Documents and more in the crypt.

The Lost City Crypt

Time Keeper’s Crypt
Go to the southern wall of The Lost City to look for the Crypt’s entrance. You will find a pool of water at the edge of the street, swim underneath.

You will find a basement with a tunnel as well. Move along the tunnel to reach the crypt. You can find Mural, Document and more inside.

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