Riot Games Settles Class Action Suit For Discrimination, Harassment

Riot Games had faced a class-action lawsuit alleging discrimination and sexual harassment. Now that has been settled. Riot, the company behind League of Legends had been accused of having a “Toxic” culture, last year by employees, in a report published by Kotaku. Following this, the class-action lawsuit was filed.

Riot Games’ legal representative had this to say about the settlement:

This is a very strong settlement agreement that provides meaningful and fair value to class members for their experiences at Riot Games,This is a clear indication that Riot is dedicated to making progress in evolving its culture and employment practices. A number of significant changes to the corporate culture have been made, including increased transparency and industry-leading diversity and inclusion programs. The many Riot employees who spoke up, including the plaintiffs, significantly helped to change the culture at Riot.

Back in May, 100 employees had staged a walkout. The “Riot Walkout Crew”, said that this class action was a victory for women in games, but there were others too who had faced such problems, in a statement published by The Hollywood Reporter.

“Settling this class action is a victory for women in games,” “While this settlement helps bring peace of mind to women at Riot, we want to acknowledge that issues of discrimination and harassment go beyond gender, and acknowledge the victims who aren’t covered in the suit.”

Both sides are now looking to get court approval of the proposed settlement, whose terms will be disclosed when the filing occurs.

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent:

“We are grateful for every Rioter who has come forward with their concerns and believe this resolution is fair for everyone involved,”  “With this agreement, we are honoring our commitment to find the best and most expedient way for all Rioters, and Riot, to move forward and heal. Over the past year, we’ve made substantial progress toward evolving our culture and will continue to pursue this work as we strive to be the most inclusive company in gaming.”

This is truly a step forward. For far too long, has the gaming industry, with some of the best minds, been spared the scrutiny on their workplace culture. But this is changing, first, changes within the industry to eliminate crunch culture and now, this class action suit’s resolution give us much hope for the future.