Rimworld Survival Guide – Security, Shelter, Sustenance, Crafting, Jobs

After stepping out of your escape pod, the only thing that should concern you is Rimworld Survival. You will have some provisions to get you started, but if you are not careful enough, you will dry them up fairly soon, colonist will turn against each other, and your dream of setting up a colony will be shattered.

Rimworld Survival Guide

Our Rimworld Survival Guide provides you with some survival tips and a roadmap to get you started for the early and mid-game. However, before we begin, do note that the guide does not touch upon the Rich Explorer and the Lost Tribe scenarios and primarily focuses on Crashlanded.

Setting Up a Colony

The first thing that you need to note is that the guide is only about Crashlanded and does not detail Lost Tribe and Rich Explorer.

AI Storytellers

There are x3 AI storytellers in the game that affect the way in which the game’s events unfold. This section provides an outline of all x3 AI storytellers.

With Cassandra, you can expect the game to get tougher as you progress through it. Reprieves tend to vary depending upon what is best for the overall story.

With Pheobe, you can expect long reprieves between attacks and easy game style. However, at higher difficulties, you can expect to crush colonies as good as Cassandra.

With Randy, things become hard because there is no telling when events might happen. You can, however, expect decent reprieves – with some luck at your side.

Landing Site and Optimal Skills

If you are looking for something easy to start with, Temperate Forest is definitely the way to go! You will not only get plenty of farmland, but also material including wood, metal, and other mined resources.

You will enjoy plenty of room to build and decent cover to fend off attackers. Depending upon season duration, you would be able to farm to your heart’s content or rely on hunting. Ice Sheet and Extreme Deserts are generally hard.

Coming to character creation, areas like growing, cooking, construction, and mining are very valuable in the early game. Artistic is a bad option at start. You can, however, consider social, research, crafting, animals, and combat.

Surviving Crashlanding

In order to survive, you basically need security, shelter, and sustenance. Make sure to get the survival rifle, pistol, and plasteel knife.

Rimworld Surviving Crashlanding – Security
With a roof over your head and food to last you a winter, security should be your primary concern.

While walls will provide you with better security, sandbags around the perimeter should also suffice! A little later, you will need turrets for better defenses – couple them with sandbags to avoid them from getting hit.

Moreover, turrets explode at low HP and catch others in a chain reaction. This is why keep x3 tiles difference between the two to avoid colonist from dying in a chained explosion.

Lean against walls or behind sandbags in order to avoid getting hit and do not send melee fighters in the middle of a firefight. Instead use them to revive downed allies and catch fleeing enemies.

>Rimworld Surviving Crashlanding – Shelter
Building a shelter and having individual bedrooms will allow you to keep colonist happy, reduce their nap time (using good beds), prevent them from killing one another. It is a good idea to build your home near farmland.

Aside from bedrooms, you also need to create a store room to prevent materials from decaying and a room for recreational activities. You should also consider building a kitchen/freezer and another room to serve as a jail.

Rimworld Surviving Crashlanding – Sustenance
Instead of sending out your colonist out in search of packaged meals, you should rely on hunting and farming.

Farming is as simple as it sounds – you just need to make sure that you do not build too much of a large farming area as it will slow everything else down. As for hunting, melee characters are not recommended and are most likely to die.

Once done, you will notice that harvested crops are ready-to-cook, but dead animals need to be turned into meat before anything else. This process requires a Butcher Table. Once you have raw materials, you need to go with a fueled stove or an electric stove and begin cooking your meal.

All these things will provide you with initial survivability and set you on your way to a successful colony. Once you have these basic yet most important things out of the way, you should consider the following upgrade order.

  • Electricity
  • Research
  • Basic Crafting
  • Permanent Structures
  • Long Term Food Planning
  • Advanced Defenses
  • Art
  • Prisoner Recruitment
  • Trading
  • Advanced Medicine and Colonist Limb Replacement

Rimworld Jobs and Priorities

The work tab essentially allows you to set what jobs each colonist in your colony will do and prioritize them! One of the easiest ways of doing it is by toggling which job a colonist should do, however, do note that jobs on the left-hand-side will always get a priority.

In addition to this, you can also micromanage things and select priority on a scale of 1 to 4. As a general example, you need to set firefighting as a top priority or all your colony will burn away while your colonists continue to research.

Rimworld Crafting

Crafting in Rimworld is important in the sense that it allows you to craft weapons and armour. In order to craft an item, you will not only need all the right ingredients, but also the appropriate crafting table.

You should be able to salvage most of the crafting materials by roaming the world. As for some vanilla crafting table, these include.

Sculptor Crafting Table
This table essentially allows you to craft status of different shapes and sizes.

Electric Smelter
This crafting table allows you to extract steel from slag chunks and also melt down weapons/armour into crafting ingredients.

Machining Crafting Table
This crafting table allows you to craft mortar shells and guns and dismantle deactivated mechanoids.

Electric and Fueled Smithy
These are basically used to craft melee weapons in the game.

Hand and Electric Sewing Table
As the name clearly suggests, this is used to craft new clothes for your colonists. Do note that the Electric Sewing Table is much faster than the manual one.

This allows you to brew beer in the game.

Butcher’s Crafting Table
As mentioned earlier, this crafting table allows you to chop hunted animals into ready to cook material.

Fueled and Electric Stove
As mentioned earlier, you need an Electric Stove or a Fueled Stove in order to cook food.

Stonecutting Crafting Table
This crafting table essentially allows you to cut stone chunks into blocks.

You can not only use this to burn bodies, but also clothes.

Component Assembly Bench
This basically allows you to craft components out of steel.

This is all we have on Rimworld Survival Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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