“Rime” Game Classified in Brazil, Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon

The puzzle adventure game Rime, formerly announced as a Playstation 4 exclusive game, has been classified in Brazil, and apparently with that classification went its exclusivity on the Playstation 4, so now it will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch whenever that console releases, and when the game releases.

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Rime was originally announced in 2013 by Sony, but now it seems like it may be joining a large number of other upcoming video games in being third party on the Nintendo Switch, helping the upcoming console to get a larger library of games that would help it get more of an audience.

This apparently happened due to Sony losing the trademark somehow to Tequila Works, who along with publishers Grey Box and Six Foot are now going to be developing the game for the Nintendo Switch and other platforms. The game is supposed to be slated for a December 2017 release, so we still have much longer to wait before it releases.

Rime focuses on a boy on a deserted island, specifically around his efforts to escape the island and the curse that lives on it. The game is an open-world puzzle adventure game that is apparently somewhat like The Witness, though it’s likely that Rime will actually be more comprehensible in what it’s trying to tell the player.

The game design will also be using the island itself to tell the story, along with a spoken narration, so it will be almost like you’re playing through a storybook as you guide the boy through puzzles and around the island to escape it.

From what we can see in some of the game’s trailers it looks amazing visually, but we’ll just have to wait until sometime in December 2017 to actually learn how good the game is. Rime will be coming out for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.