RIFT Puzzles Locations and Solutions Guide

The world of Telara consists of many puzzles. Each of them is different and unique. Our Rift Puzzles Guide will help you locate all the Puzzles and then solve them.

Key: Name (Location) – (Coordinates)

Puzzled at the Top of the World (Silverwood) – (6515×3080)
Observe the wall and look for a button-like structure (plaque). Click on it and it will get you to the top of the tower. You will find 3 different plaques there. This is the main puzzle. You have to click on these plaques – Each time it will take you to another tower.

These plaques are in different directions. You will have to click the right plaque every-time. Click on the plaques with respect to their direction with the following order: – NW NW SW S NW. If you do it right then you’ll see a beautiful chest with your treasure in it.

Shield Wall (Gloamwood) – (4540×2382)
Go to the top of the left tower at Shadefallen Keep. You’ll find a plaque here which will take you to the top of that tower. Find stairs which will lead you to the ground floor. On the ground floor you’ll see a bunch of shields hanging on the wall which is the puzzle.

You will find a layout of the same shields on the floor. What you have to do is change the pattern of the shields on the wall to look like the one which is made on the floor. Get two of the smaller shields to the top and the bottom line along with the big shield in the middle line. This way the puzzle will be a lot easier.

A Barrel of Laughs (Scarlet Gorge) – (3619×2775)
At the end of the bridge which takes you to Scarlet Gorge from Gloomwood, you will find a track on its right side. Go through that path and jump over. You will find a couple of barrels here – this is your puzzle. It is very simple; all you have to do is to set the barrels on the left side to be in the same layout as of the right side.

Lake Solace – (5998×6141)
Just turn on all of the lamps which are found in the water.

Spinning Plates (Stonefield) – (4577×4974)
At the exit to Scarlet Gorge – There are a couple of telescopes at the top of a hill. This is your puzzle, just click these telescopes as mentioned in the picture below and then pull the lever. Just don’t take a lot of time or you’ll have to turn the telescopes on again.

Scarwood by Torchlight (Scarwood Reach) – (3123×4426)
Go towards the South-West of Scarwood. Climb the mountains and find an area which has a couple of light torches. You’ll also find 6 stone-made structures which will have different light rings. This is the puzzle. You have to light up those torches in the right order for the puzzle to complete. The right order is:
(Top Left, Middle Right, Bottom Left and Top Right)

Don’t be Cagey (Drought Islands) – (8335×6200)
You will find 8 cages, one of them will have a chest at the drought islands – these cages are the puzzle. It’s very easy. Just inspect a cage and it will drop 2 gems, one of them will keep on changing its color while the 2nd gem will have a permanent color.

Stop the 1st gem when its color matches to the 2nd gem. Once you have done this the chest will move on to the next cage. Keep on doing the same until all the cages are opened.

Tracks in the Snow (Iron Pine Peaks) – (3760×2266)
You will have to climb the mountain which is behind the hut i.e. located at about 3800×2088. You will find a puzzle over there. Just enter into it and keep following the track until you find the rabbit. Once you have found it you will have to chase it outside.

The Peg Solitaire (Shimmersand) – (6414×7714)
This puzzle is on the southern side and can’t be explained in words. Here is a video which will guide you in no time.

Stillmoor (Thalin Thor) – (1705, 2310)
Climb up to the top of the tower. You will find some bats along with a cage. What you have to do is ring up the bells again and again so all of the bats go into the cages. This is pretty much boring and annoying but this is the puzzle.

If you find any difficulty in solving these puzzles, you can ask us in comments.

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