Rift (PC) Professions Guide

Alright now if you are tired of fighting around the Rift world and need a break, you must go for a profession for yourself. It will keep you busy while earning you a handsome amount of gold. I will first explain some professions and its types, so to form a basics for your you to choose a profession that suits your game-style.

A player can have at most three professions per character. Guardians must visit the trainer at Landing or Agent Glade or the capital Sanctum and Defiants will find their trainer at King’s Retreat and the capital Meridian.

There are two main genres of Professions in Rift:


To manufacture anything, some specific goods are required and obviously these are carried from one place to another. People who carry them are Gatherers, and people who use them to produce any product are Crafters.

Gathering professions are very cheap to learn. You can sell gathered products to earn gold or use them in your own crafting profession.

Three gathering professions are available:

  • Mining: Collection of minerals and gems.
  • Foraging: Collection of plants and wood.
  • Butchering: Making leather using dead animal skin.


After gathering some supplies or buying them from other gatherers you can now craft your own products which you can use or sell to earn gold. If you have enough money to spend on professions go for Crafting professions.

Six crafting professions available are:

  • Weaponsmithing: as the name tells, crafting weapons using mainly mining and sometimes foraging. Weapons can be converted to their basic materials which saves training costs.
  • Armorsmithing: plate and mail armors can be formed in this profession using only mining supplies. Armors are also deconstruct-able like weapons.
  • Artificing: Crafting jewelry, staves and wands from mining and foraging supplies is Artificing. These products are also deconstructable.
  • Runecrafting: Runes and shards can be crafted using runebreakign other exiting magical equipment.
  • Outfitting: Creating cloth and leather armor is called outfitting, raw material is gathered from butchering. These products are also deconstructable
  • Apothecary: Creating potions and vials using foraging and butchering gathered supplies.

Which Profession to Acquire ?

Try only to acquire one if you need money or you are bored from fighting as its a boring walk to boreland. They require time with some initial investment so be patient meanwhile.

If you are looking for quick money making profession, go for a gathering profession. There will always be people crafting and in need for gatherers. This will also help you level up easily.

If you are in for a serious profession of your choice and also its concerned gathering profession. You should go for profession strengthen your position.

Here are some recommended professions against each calling

Calling Professions
Warrior Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing and Mining
Rogue Outfitting, Weaponsmithing, Mining and Butchering
Cleric Armorsmithing, Artificary and Mining
Mage Artifing, Mining and Foraging

Artificing, Apothecary and Runecrafting can mostly go with any type soul. You can share your own tips with us in comments.

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