Yes, Ridge Racer Slipstream is Coming to Android and iOS

Some would have given anything to see Kaz Hirai announce a new Ridge Racer at the PlayStation 4 reveal event this year. As 2013 comes to an end, we can transition into the new year happily knowing that Ridge Racer will return this month for iOS and Android devices.

It’s called Ridge Racer Slipstream and will be running on a brand new racing engine. The new design has helped the developers bring new features and “numerous gameplay modes, challenging races and tracks, as well as amped up music.” A total of 20 tracks have been confirmed, of which 10 tracks can be driven forwards and backwards. Vehicles can be customized and a future update will bring forth online multiplayer as well.

Details on the customization part is scarce but we do know that players will be able to play around with rims, body kits, vinyls, paint and “more than 300 customization possibilities.”

Ridge Racer Slipstream will also feature a Career Mode and “three different race types in Arcade Mode (Regular / Quick / Knockout Races).” Additionally the title will have 108 different racing competitions across 6 Grand Prix Series – all in beautiful, high definition locations.

Ridge Racer Slipstream was announced by Namco Bandai, as part of the series’ 20th anniversary and will arrive in the App Store and Google Play on December 19.

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