Fans Think Ricochet Anti-Cheat Update is Not Enough, Treyarch Responds

Ricochet Anti-cheat software has been updated to deal with Cronus cheats for Warzone 2, but many fans think it's not enough.

In an effort to continue to combat cheating in Call of Duty multiplayer lobbies, Treyarch has implemented a new version of the Ricochet anti-cheat software intended that is intended to combat the ever-evolving problem of cheating in online multiplayer games. However, despite this latest update to the multiplayer, players aren’t impressed.

Cheating is an issue that pervades a great many different multiplayer games regardless of platform as things like wallhacking, aimbotting, and more are intended by the sort of people who don’t want to put effort into their gaming to be able to rack up high-scores and easy wins.

Various developers have come up with different ways to address cheating, and in this instance, Treyarch is making use of Ricochet, which is powerful enough that it can even detect the sort of software you have downloaded onto your controller.

The most notable type of cheat software, called “Cronus”, is fairly new, and will assist cheaters by helping them aim, modifying the controller to make it easier for rapid fire, and also helping to control your recoil. This makes it rather difficult to detect, as it’s not a “normal” cheating software.

While the new Ricochet update has apparently been made to detect this, fans appear to be of the opinion that it’s too little, too late. They’ve also claimed that Ricochet isn’t working properly, with many false bans happening due to the software thinking that they’re cheating.

Treyarch’s community manager, however, has spoken out against this line of thinking, claiming that in the constant cat and mouse game that is dealing with cheaters, Treyarch is constantly working towards countering each one. Other gamers also have said that it’s more than likely the cheat-reporting system being abused as well, rather than Ricochet’s fault.

I appreciate that what I have to share here may not be enough for players, and you have every right to share your criticisms; anti-cheat is a constant effort. It is the proverbial game of cat vs. mouse, and we are constantly working toward stopping and thwarting their efforts. I think you are right, this is a step in the right direction.

I’m excited for Ricochet and the teams I work with to keep iterating so we can do our best to provide the best matches possible for players.

Cheating has been particularly prevalent in Warzone 2 since the second season began, and with Season 3 well underway, who knows what else cheaters are going to come up with to try and bypass Ricochet. All that Treyarch has to do is keep up, but considering how long figuring out counters will take each time, who knows how long keeping up will take?

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