Revolve8 Beginners Guide – How to Climbs the Leagues, Best Cards, Tips and Strategies

With the help of our Revolve8 Guide, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about getting started with Revolve8 on iOS and Android.

Revolve8 is a mobile PVP game released by Sega. If you are familiar with Clash Royale, then this game may not be odd to you, as it follows the same gameplay as the Clash Royale.

The English version of the Revolve8 has been released a couple of days ago, so if you have grabbed yourself a copy, here are few tips that might help you before you jump into the game. This game is easy to learn but hard to master.

Revolve8 Guide

You are dropped into an arena for a one on one battle for victory. Unlike Clash Royale, this game features a 3D portrait style of gameplay.

Both you and your opponent have 3 towers to protect against each other’s attack. The only way to win is either to destroy the opponent’s main tower or to destroy more towers than your opponent before the clock runs out.

The main tower can be recognized easily since it is twice the size of the other towers and is set in the middle.

You have multiple troops to choose from to lead the offense. The only way to cross over to the enemy territory is to by crossing through 2 bridges aligned parallel to each other in opposite corners, wide enough to let only one troop cross at a time.

In order to fulfill your main objective, you have to deploy troops to take out enemy towers, at the same time defend your own towers against their attacks.

While each tower has its own build in a defense mechanism, it is often best to deploy troops to assist them.

Besides this, you have to keep in mind that troop deploying is not free and costs a bit. Each troop has a different price and they can be deployed at the cost of ink.

Ink is earned at a constant rate throughout the battle, and it is the only price for deploying a unit.

How Cards Work?

At the core, revolve8 is basically a card game; cards represent the troops in this game. Therefore, they are a very important aspect of the game. For each victory you get, you will be rewarded with more cards.

Each card has a different character on it and it deploys that character. If you have multiple similar cards, you can stack them up and level up that card. The higher the level, the more effective that unit becomes.

Learn the Roster

Each type of card has a different role to play. The typical deck consists of a ranged fighter as well as a tank. A tank has a substantial amount of health and can take a lot of punishment before going down.

The ranged fighter, however, cannot take the same abuse. However, the good thing about the ranged fighter is that it can keep a distance while fighting, essentially taking out anyone before they have a chance to come close enough.

Furthermore, the ranged unit deals far more damage than the tank so keeps that in mind.

Moreover, there can be a Hero deployed that can activate a special ability or you can place a building that constantly produces troops or deploy a horde of minions.

In addition, to these you can also use spells; just drop them directly above the enemy troops.


Books are basically like chests from Clash Royale. Opening a book gets you new cards. On the main screen you will see that there are 4 slots to hold the books in, keep at least one empty before going into a battle.

It is because, the reward for each victory is a book, but if you do not have an empty slot, you will not receive a book.

Another thing to keep in mind is that each book takes different time to open, typically it takes around a couple of minutes or so, but sometimes it may take a few hours.

Better chest takes a longer time to open, so open them as soon as you can, so that you may make space for the next book. In order to get your hands on a better book, you have to make your way up the Leagues.


The League is basically the Rank you are in. The more victories you get, the higher you end up in the League.

There are 11 Leagues in total, at the bottom league you will receive pretty insignificant cards, but as you make your way up the Ranks; your drop will get better and better.

Tips and Strategies

Once you have familiarized yourself with the characters, make a deck that suits your strategy. You are allowed to bring 5 cards with you to the field. A simple deck would contain a tank and couple of ranged fighters as well as some minions.

Now the basic move is to send in the tank first then the ranged fighter behind him, as previously mentioned, while ranged fighters can dish out quite a significant amount of damage, they have a pretty insignificant health pool.

Therefore, the tank serves as a shield, absorbing all of the damage.

Now, this is a very common strategy, and it is likely that your opponent might use the same thing against you. Therefore, in order to deal with this, you have to deploy a troop that has multiple summon(s), like a minion, that summons a cluster of small troops.

This cluster of minions might seem insignificant, but together, they can ravage any enemy in a matter of seconds.

Use these to deal with the tank, when the main problem is dealt with, the ranged fighter can be easily tackled by either the tower itself or another of your troop.

This is one of the strategies that is more effective against the beginners, but at higher levels, most opponents will probably counter this. Therefore, you may have to improvise with a different strategy or copy the opponent’s strategy.

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