Reviving Bug Handicaps You In Modern Warfare Beta

The community has discovered a new bug that might make you think twice before reviving a fallen teammate in the ongoing beta run of Modern Warfare.

If the player in question leaves the match before being fully revived, you’ll be left unable to use any weapons or grenades. Your character will be permanently stuck in this state and even picking up weapons from the ground won’t let you go on the offensive. The only way out is to either respawn or join another match, though the former solution has reportedly failed for some players.

Surprisingly, the bug is not new. It was actually reported last week when the beta began. There was an assumption at the time that Infinity Ward would fix it soon because of its game-breaking nature. The developer did not, but perhaps that was due to the onslaught of feedback being submitted every single day. The reviving bug just got buried beneath it all.

[Bug] If the person you’re reviving leaves, you’re stuck with your guns down and cannot do anything. Picking up a new weapon doesn’t help. from r/modernwarfare

The online player-base has been dropping requests for potential changes and improvements ever since the beta began. This zeal, brought on by the return of Modern Warfare, has perhaps been a bit too much.

Most recently, there was a cry to remove skill-based matchmaking on the basis of keeping it casual. The most noise, though, has been made over the minimap. Infinity Ward has already tweaked the feature twice but players are still not satisfied. The developer has now asked for more time and will be revealing a final solution either at the end or after the beta.

Modern Warfare promises to deviate a bit from the usual Call of Duty approach. Weapons now have greater recoil. You’re advised to learn to listen to enemy footsteps. There are tactical advantages to have in every single map. The new installment even abandons season passes for change. Infinity Ward will instead be adding free maps post-release in the spirit of live service. Hopefully, those free maps won’t be just derivations of maps already included in the game.

Modern Warfare is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. It won’t be worldwide though. The installment was banned earlier this month in Russia but a recent change suggests that the parties involved have started to make peace.

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