Revived Shooter Minimum Rushes To Steam Early Access


Resurrected multiplayer shooter Minimum is now a part of the Early Access program on Steam. You can score the PC game for $19.99 or a less attractive €19.99 if you happen to live digitally in the European region.

In Minimum, blocky Titan characters fire weapons at each other, with the goal to destroy the opposing team’s base. It will seek inspiration from popular arena games for a five versus five dynamic with creeps and the likes.

There will also be kill streaks offering perks, upgradable weapons and so on, just like the amalgamation of populist styles it is. A big advantage for Minimum on Steam is that it can use the platform integration to make use of Steam wallets and so on, for user convenience and all.

It’s taken publisher Atari very little time indeed to revive the lost game from defunct developer TimeGate Studios, plop it in the hands of Human Head Studios and start raking in cash. Atari has a history of syphoning money as soon as possible, such as that mobile Rollercoaster Tycoon thing it announced recently.

Moving the game quickly to Early Access is also a way for the company to draw revenue it desperately needs. Another historical recurrence for Atari is that they get into financial hot water a lot and chop off assets frequently.


Fred Chesnais of Atari said this about Minimum:

Atari’s gone through multiple transformations to bring appealing and unique experiences to the ever-changing gaming audience.

Minimum ushers in the next era of Atari gaming, with its distinctive mix of combat and crafting. We’re excited with the way the game turned out and are thrilled to finally bring Minimum’s exhilarating gameplay to PC.

Developer Human Head Studios has worked on the Prey series prior to Minimum. How would that second installment be doing lately, we wonder.

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