inFAMOUS Second Son Review – Evolution of the Franchise

Now the franchise makes its return as the second AAA exclusive title on the adolescent next-gen system trying to represent the power of the PlayStation 4 as well as the creative vision and ability of Sucker Punch Studio in a positive light.


The Wonderful 101 Review

Have you ever walked out of a theater, halfway through a movie, feeling absolutely no remorse with the vindication of…


Dragon’s Crown Review

As someone who has been impatiently anticipating the arrival of Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown for some years now, it is my…


The Last of Us Review

I remember the first time I saw the VGA 2011 debut trailer for Naughty Dog’s new game called The Last…


Remember Me Review

Remember that old company called Capcom that wasn’t afraid to try something new? In a time before it started using the Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Lost Planet and Devil May Cry franchises like a crutch, the company used to introduce new gaming brands left and right.


Resident Evil Revelations HD Review

Many argue that, in recent years, Capcom has lost its hold over its flagship survival horror franchise when it abandoned the core mechanics that defined the series and turned Resident Evil into pale imitation of the generic games that follow the third person action genre fad.

Resident Evil Revelations tries to correct the mistakes made with numbered titles in the series and aims to bring the original survival horror flavor back into a series that has come to rely on shootouts and set pieces to define itself.


Call of Juarez Gunslinger Review

Cowboys and bandits; sheriffs and outlaws; gold rush, horseback chases and quick draw shoot outs. Call of Juarez Gunslinger takes reigns of the romanticized depiction of the harsh conditions in the post-civil war United States of America that has been a source of interest and adoration of many a people.


Dead Island Riptide Review

When Dead Island Riptide was first announced to the general public at E3 2012, less than a year after the release of the first Dead Island, there was some confusion as to the nature of the game itself. Hearing the name for the first time, most gamers assumed that the title was merely a DLC add on for Dead Island game.