Returnal Tips and Tricks

The much-anticipated game and the most ambitious title to date, Returnal is finally about to launch. It would be safe to say that many people are waiting to get their hands on it and look forward to getting the whole experience. In these Returnal Tips and Tricks, we’ll go in-depth on making your experience even better with Returnal by discussing some handy survival strategies.

Returnal Tips and Tricks

You must explore your environment and discover the secrets hidden on the planet. Before you go towards your goal, have a little trust on your map and look around.

You don’t have to worry about losing your path as the map will be guiding you. Although you could directly go towards your goal, it’ll be much more helpful to explore and search for rewards, hidden switches, and secret doors.

There are multiple items you can find while looking around. Below are some essential item information and tips and tricks to keep in mind while playing Returnal.

As you go about, you’ll come across the items called consumables. These are the items known as ‘single-use items, and you can use them upon activation.

These items list defensive objects, including one-hit shields, Ground Surge to stab nearby hostiles, Obolite Seeder to get obolites out of killed enemies, and an economy booster.

All of these items will often reoccur in the game but for only single-use at a time. So be sure to play with them at the first stages of the game to understand their mechanisms and later use them efficiently in the time of a need.

Artifacts are items that have much more lasting benefits. These have more long-term results in the course of the cycle. They’ll consist of passive effects that include Reactive Stabilizers that will help avoid being knocked out by the opponent. Or it will activate under some conditions where, for example, a Fractal nail increases your damage output while you have a malfunction.

Rare and uncommon artifacts like Astronaut Figurine will help revive you, making a difference when fighting against a boss or respawning back at Helios in the loss.

Mystery Devices
Selene will be able to use what has been left behind by the ancient civilization that once dominated Atropos. While you’re at Atropos, you’ll find several kinds of devices. Some of them will let you exchange the obolites for getting other items, and some will contribute to boosting your health status and giving other kinds of upgrades. You’ll also be able to find a Reconstructor that will recover you back at the location without losing your progress of the cycle upon its activation.

Make sure you’re efficient with your use with obolites! Since no refunds are entertained on Atropos.

Dares, Decisions, and Treasure
It is very crucial that before you pick up any item, you read the description. Not everything is beneficial. Some items will have some risk affiliated with them.

For example, Parasites are always understood as creatures that come with positive effects like increasing your health. However, there’s also a negative side to it, which includes enemy spawning revenge bullets.

It is essential to understand how far you will go and take the risk. Do the math while taking the risk, as anything unexpected can come your way.

For example, there will be few malignant containers that, when opened, will cause some malfunctioning, impacting your Alt-Fire or aggravating the cooldown of your melee attack.

Although not always will you encounter these malfunctions. As most of the time, when you take the risk, you’ll be given some juicy rewards like Unfed pod Factal nail.

Don’t Stop, Just Move
You can be attacked from every unexpected direction, so the best advice for you is to keep moving. Use your tool at your disposal, including fire that will help you better understand your surroundings and Focus Aim for having sharp focus and identifying the enemy’s weak spot to put them down.

Make use of melee attacks to take down big or small enemies, use Alt-Fire, make use of your Consumables, and also keep dashing to dodge the attacks.

Figure out your Priorities
Are you in a heated battle? Did you spot your enemy drop a rare item? Don’t pick it up! The best way is to focus on clearing the area first and scan for the item later.

Beware of all
With so many threats coming your way, the best way for you is to be conscious and combat as you progress. If you fix your target in one place, you might not be able to dodge all other threats wanting to harm you. So instead, make your attention to your weapon and use it accordingly.

Have your eyes on the threat indicators, make a short visit to the minimap for enemies nearby and listen carefully for approaching attacks. Be very vigilant towards off-screen attacks as they might come for you anytime.

Maintain your Adrenaline
Taking damage can cause your meter to go down; however, efforts to keep your Adrenaline up can give you many advantages. Additional homing missiles provide you with the opportunity for a dangerous melee attack and Enhanced Vision.  Having the bonuses will have a more significant impact while you combat, and you can cause more substantial damage to your enemies.

Choose your Weapon
An essential feature of Atropos is, of course, the weapons. The game provides you with several weapon options to experiment with, which offers you the liberty to choose one according to your play style. In addition, you can shift your play styles by swapping several kinds of weapons or stay with what suits you the best.

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