Steam Deck Entry Found for Returnal PC

The SteamDB entry for Returnal PC has been updated again recently. The updated entry now includes the information for Steam Deck indicating that Returnal might be Steam Deck verified at Launch.

Back in May, a mysterious entry in Steam Database by Steamdb was found by the name of “Oregon”. The description of this entry pointed towards Returnal indicating that the PS5 exclusive might arrive on Steam soon. Now, a recent update mentioning Steam Deck is also a hint that not only it’s coming to Steam, it might very well be Steam Deck verified.

As you might already know, Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to bring its games to PC via Steam. We have already received some great PlayStation exclusives and some have already been announced. Returnal however, despite all the hints is yet to be announced to arrive on PC either by Sony or Housemarque.

While Spider-Man remastered is releasing on PC via Steam next month, we are still waiting for Legacy of Thieves collection to arrive on PC. So when Sony will actually announce Returnal for PC officially is anyone’s guess right now.

Returnal developer Housemarque is now a PlayStation studio and they have already started work on their next project. With Sony’s support, they aim to expand the horizons with their next project. While the developer wanted to work more on Returnal, it seems like their new project is a new IP. Naturally, we can’t expect that project to be shown soon. But with the great work the developer has done with Returnal, expectations are quite high for Housemarque’s next project.