How to Get the Secret Ending in Returnal

There are certain criteria you need to meet if you want to get the secret ending in Returnal.

Once you’ve cleared the entire Act 1 and Act 2 of Returnal, you’ll wake up at the surface to do it all over, this is the start to Act 3. Throughout this act, you must find six Sunface Fragments to get to the Secret Ending at the end. This guide walks you through the entire Act 3 and gives detail on how to achieve the Secret Ending in Returnal without spoiling the story.

How to Get the Secret Ending in Returnal

To reach the Secret Ending in Act 3, you must collect six Sunface Fragments, three each from Act 1 and 2, respectively. Each Biome has a particular Sunface Fragment therefore, you’ll have to check each area.

The locations for the Sunface Fragments are as follows:

Act 1 Sunface fragments

Overgrown Ruins Fragment is found in a room with a long gap. Shoot the orbs once you have the Delphic Visor from the Abyssal Scar to cross the gap.

Crimson Wastes Fragment is found atop a tower in an open desert. It requires a Delphic Visor as well.

Derelict Citadel Fragment is found near a bridge underneath the water body.


Act 2 Sunface fragments

Echoing Ruins Fragment is found in a room with red ooze. There are multiple red oozes found in the area, but the one you’re looking for has a circular base on the side entrance.

Fractured Wastes Fragment is found inside a room with a turret in the middle.

Abyssal Scar Fragment is found inside the multi-platform room and it’s the final fragment of Act 2.

Once you’ve collected all six Sunface Fragments, Selene approves the completion of the item in your inventory. Take a look at your inventory to confirm in case any Fragment is missing (In the permanent equipment section).

Once that’s out of the way, next up is completing all the House Sequences…. again.  So, you need to restart the Act 1 and 2 house sequences. Since the Sunface Fragments are permanent, you can die.

House Sequences

Overgrown Ruins and the Echoing Ruins are the places where you’ll find Selen’s house. Complete Act 1 house sequences first to progress into Act 2.

Head straight to the house at Echoing Ruins after getting locked out of the house at Overgrown Ruins.

Continue with the house sequences in Echoing Ruins till you’re sent to a throne upon completion. This is where you’re given the car keys.

Take the keys to Sedan, defeat the final boss and reach the Abyssal Scar. Simply find the exit of Echoing Ruins, head left and jump into the water to find the last Biome.

Kill Ophion (one more time), jump into the hole and go along with the headlights to reach Sedan. Use the keys on Sedans Car door to trigger a cutscene.  Once the cutscene is over, you’ll get the Secret Ending to Returnal.

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